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SPSU in the News


ETCMA professor interviewed on her research
Dr. Beth Stutzmann, a professor in the English, Technical Communication and Media Arts Department and director of the University Band, recently traveled to Madrid, Spain, to present research at the International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation. Her presentation was titled “The Identification of the Purpose and Philosophy of Music Education within Jewish Day Schools.”

To listen to Beth's interview on Radio Sefarad, click here.



Digital Technology for Your Lawn

Students in Electrical Engineering Technology have to take an unusual final exam: design and build an environmentally-friendly, socially useful piece of technology.  Projects include a solar oven and a Roomba for your lawn!


Stopping Oil Well Disasters

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatened thousands of miles of beaches, as well as gulf wildlife.  SPSU student Jim Baltimore and faculty member Kenton Fleming wanted to do something about it, so they developed an oil well cap to stop future leaks.


Houses Made of Rubble

Thousands of homes in Haiti have been reduced to rubble by the recent earthquake there, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.  Students in SPSU's Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Technology programs have constructed a house made of rubble using a special method that can withstand earthquakes.  This technology will help in earthquake relief situations.


Physics and the Weather

SPSU faculty are nothing if not practical.  In this video, Dr. Phil Patterson (Physics) analyzes the WIZ (Channel 11, Atlanta) WIZometer with an equation, and then gives the local weather forecast.