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CoursEval 3 (Login Support and Troubleshooting)

Welcome to the CoursEval login and troubleshooting site. Below you will find resources and links to guide you through logging in and completing the CoursEval surveys.

  • Login Instructions
  • For Students - How to take Surveys
  • For Instructors - How to View Surveys
  • Troubleshooting - Navigation Errors
  • Troubleshooting - Login Errors

Login Instructions

SPSU strongly recommends using Firefox as your Internet browser. Download Firefox HERE.

To log in to CoursEval, navigate to the login page located at the top of this page or here. From there you will see a username and password field similar to the one below. In the indicated fields, enter in your SPSU username and password. After being authenticated you will be immediately taken you available surveys. CourseEval Login screen



For Students - How to Take Surveys

After you have logged into CoursEval, you should see a list of all available surveys. The screen should now look like the image below (if you are expecting to see surveys and none are shown please contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk.spsu.edu). On this page you will see a button located at the right below "Open Survey". Clicking on this button will open the survey and you may begin taking it immediately.

For Instructors - How to View Surveys

After logging into CoursEval you should see a screen similar to the image below. Of note from this screen are the areas highlighted. You may show and filter the reports from the menu at the top. This will allow you to navigate between departments, years, name of surveys and other information pertaining to the survey. After the survey you wish to view is displaying at the bottom of the screen, make sure the check box next to the arrow is checked and then click the "view report" button to show the report.

Navigation Errors

There are known problems with accessing CoursEval with Internet Explorer (IE). It is possible that you could get a secure content warning from the CoursEval login page. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) when trying to access CoursEval you may get the following message:

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

If so please read this link regarding Microsoft's solution: Microsoft Security Zones

You may also get the following error:

The connection has timed out. The server at course-eval.spsu.edu is taking too long to respond.

If so, please add "https://course-eval.spsu.edu" to your list of trusted sites within your browser.

Login Errors

If you have been able to access the login page for CoursEval but are unable to log in, please try the following before contacting the Office of Faculty Support and Development or the Division of Information Technology.

Step 1: CoursEval uses the same login information as your SPSU E-Mail. This is also the same as your GaView Vista 8 login. If you do not know your SPSU network login, navigate to SPSU Account Management. From there you can reset your account's password as well as look up your username.

Step 2: If you know your login details are correct and are still unable to login to CoursEval, please contact the Office of Faculty Support and Development (OFSD) at. You may also put in an IT work order at helpdesk.spsu.edu. Please include your name as well as your campus username (Do NOT disclose your password). Once received, we will work to resolve your issues as soon as possible.