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Usability Testing

Usability testing is our main business. Nothing beats seeing and learning from your users. All other UX services we provide can and should be in support of learning the user's experience first hand.

We provide testing solutions in the format that works best for you, and any combination. Your choices include:

  • testing in our 3-room, state-of-the-art usability center
  • portable lab testing, which lets us pack our lab in a suitcase and go to your users or to your office to test there
  • remote testing from our center or elsewhere to reach your users anywhere

 Our approach to testing

We believe in team work. Strength in numbers. The voice of the stakeholders combined with the expertise of our staff. 

That's why we plan and test together.  Then analyze what we saw and heard from users.  Then make sense of what it means and how to act on it.  All our efforts combine with yours for the good of the user . . . and your bottom line. 

Good user experience is good for business, and we get that

A typical usability study starts with a face-to-face (or remote) planning meeting with core members of your organization and our core team.

We firmly believe that your involvement is essential to help you get the most out of our services.  The test we plan is based on your goals, your concerns, and your objectives.  The scenarios we craft focus on these  goals.  The questions we ask the users support the learning experience.  The post-test methods we use get inside the user's experience in a rich, qualitative process that we have perfected . . . and presented at conferences and in publications.

 Teamwork pays off

Through team effort, you get the test plan you want, your objectives are met, and you view the results first hand.

Furthermore, your experience and expertise guide the discussion of product issues in structuring the test and analyzing the results. 

And, as an added benefit, the team's understanding of the user's experience--both the pleasures and the pains--gives you insight into the next phase of product development. 

Every test makes the team stronger and the product better.