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Testing Solutions

When it comes to testing solutions, we have the right solution (or combination of solutions) to unlock your user's experience.  Our testing solutions include:

Usability testing--your best solution for learning, first-hand, how users work with your product

Participant recruiting--we can recruit and schedule your users for you, whether you are testing with us or renting our lab. 

Expert review -a popular tool in the UX toolkit because the process identifies violations of usability principles, called heuristics, and ranks the severity of these issues.

Site visits--an essential tool in the UX toolkit for learning about your users, tasks, and environments by observing them where they work, live, and play.

The best solution is to combine these tools as part of a user-centered design process, or UCD.

But you can start small and pick your starting point.  We can help you make the right choice to match your needs.