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Testing Facilities

When you're ready for usability testing, we're ready with the right testing solution.  We have it all:

Usability lab - our Atlanta-based, state-of-the-art 3-room facility has a large evaluation room that can be set up in any way you need, a separate control room with stations for up to 6 team members, and an executive viewing room that can accommodate up to 30 observers for first-hand viewing of the user's experience

Portable lab - our lab in a suitcase goes where you need us to go to meet your users, whether it's across town or out of town to anywhere in the world

Remote testing - using web-based conferencing tools, we can reach your users from the base location of our lab, but at their convenience in their office or home environment

Lab rental - for UX teams that need a great place to conduct testing, we have a great lab space to rent