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Lab Rental

Looking for a great space to conduct your own user testing?

We've got what you need.  Our 3-room, state-of-the-art usability center is available for rent to seasoned UX teams.

Whether you are working across town or coming to Atlanta from out of town, we can work with you to configure the lab to suit your needs. 

Basic lab rental services

If the lab is all you need, that's fine. Our daily lab rental fee includes the following on-the-ground support:

  • meeting and greeting your users, getting paperwork handled, and escorting them to the lab when you're ready. 
  • providing refreshments, replenished throughout the day and evening, as your schedule requires.
  • ordering meals from a wide variety of local restaurants, from which you can choose . . . and we deliver!
  • IT support to configure the lab to suit your needs; on call throughout the testing period if an unexpected problem arises

Additional testing support services

If you want additional testing support services, we can provide that, too.  We can:

  • moderate your testing sessions for you, from the script you provide
  • recruit your participants from the screener you provide