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What are some of our projects?

  • Card sort for hospital website, two groups in open-ended card sort for insight into information architecture of hospital website
  • comparison study of content for e-commerce site, with a focus on understanding which approach to content strategy was more effective
  • Web application for tax preparation, expert review to identify issues in advance of redesign
  • Follow-up tax prep usability study to understand users' experience based on changes made from issues identified in expert review
  • Mobile application for large home improvement store to understand users' experience as part of design process
  • TV websites’ news content, to understand user preferences for news formats
  • TV websites’ weather content, to understand user preferences for weather information
  • Call center conversion from green screen to GUI software to understand training requirements in making the conversion
  • New templates for a large hospital's training modules to learn users' ease of use and satisfaction
  • International hotel group’s web application for energy savings to understand hotel operator’s use of the program to institute green initiatives
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) for major airline to understand users’ reactions to menu hierarchy and success in getting needed information
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) for major media company to understand users’ reactions to menu hierarchy and success in getting needed information
  • International hotel group’s fee based loyalty program to understand barriers to registration
  • Hotel website's reservation process to determine user preferences for prototyped revisions to the reservation booking process
  • Digital cable TV service provider to determine which of several instruction sets is most effective in supporting users doing a self-install of a new set-top box.
  • Software/web applications for businesses to monitor and manage networks
  • Website for students seeking online learning options with a large university system's offerings. Website supports statewide initiative to increase the number of students participating in distance learning.
  • Website for prospective teachers to explore programs, jobs, needs, and requirements, and support state-wide initiative to expand qualified, non-traditional teacher base
  • Technical training manuals to determine readability, usability, and success as a study guide in preparation for taking a series of examinations to demonstrate content proficiency and advance in the profession
  • Hotel management web-based application for front desk personnel to uncover ease of use without training and potential problems with terminology and navigation
  • Search engine interface for a privately-held company to explore several redesign options and users' preferences for look, feel, and navigation approaches
  • New technology (hardware) and online help to determine if two user groups (new employees and service personnel) could use the online help to perform required operations with the hardware
  • Photo management software for digital photographers in two user groups (professionals and recreational users) to determine if new features and interface were designed to suit both groups
  • Private university's website to determine what elements of the new interface were most appealing for potential applicants
  • Internet job search website for computer and information technology professionals to learn how easy or difficult it is to post a resume and find jobs
  • Computer-based training designed to replace a week of on-site training to determine the effectiveness (pass rate) and confidence of users
  • E-learning system to determine “mental model” issues for students in two groups: those transitioning to this tool from a different system; those without any prior experience with e-learning