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Parking Regulations

Visitor Parking
Vehicle Registration
Parking Permits
Temporary Permits
Permit Changes / Permit Replacement
General Parking Regulations
Disability Parking
Impoundment and Immobilization
Reclaiming Immobilized and Impounded Vehicles
Citations and Fines
Revocation of Parking Privileges


Visitor Parking

  1. Visitors may park only in designated visitor zones. For a list and map of designated visitor zones, please refer to the Parking Map posted on the University Transportation website and in the University Transportation Office.
  2. Faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from parking in spaces designated for visitors at all times.
  3. Some visitor parking zones may require a user fee, payable at the pay station located at each area. The parking rates for each area are available at each pay station.


Vehicle Registration

  1. All faculty, staff, and students who park a motor vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicles with University Transportation.  All vehicles that are to be used with your parking permit must be registered.


Parking Permits

  1. Permits are only valid for one academic year (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters), with its date of expiration being listed on the permit.
  2. All annual parking permits are issued by the University Transportation office and ID is required in order to pick-up any permit.
  3. The hang-tag parking permit must be displayed at all times while parked on campus.  The permit may either be displayed on the rear-view mirror with the lot number facing towards the hood of the vehicle or the permit must be permanently affixed to the inside corner of the driver’s side of the front window in the lower corner.  The lot number and permit number must be completely visible from outside the vehicle.
  4. The parking permit issued for one customer cannot be transferred to another customer.  The permit issued for one customer is only valid for the vehicles that he/she owns or drives.
  5. Faculty/Staff are currently exempt from paying the mandatory transportation fee, with the exception of the P60 Parking Deck.  Faculty/Staff must purchase a P60 parking permit.  Rates and payment options for a Faculty/Staff P60 permit are available in the University Transportation.


Temporary Permits

  1. When a permit holder operates an unregistered motor vehicle on campus (e.g. borrowed car, rental, etc.) a permit, good for three school days, must be obtained at no charge from University Transportation during normal business hours.
  2. Temporary permits must be visible from the outside of the motor vehicle.


Permit Changes / Permit Replacement

  1. Any customer with a lost or stolen permit will be required to pay a replacement cost of $25 to obtain a new permit.
  2. If a customer’s permit is lost, stolen, or missing and is not returned to the University Transportation office when seeking a permit change or replacement, then that permit will be marked inactive and future vehicles that are found using the inactive permit are subject to booting and/or towing.


General Parking Regulations

  1. Parking regulations are in effect and enforceable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year.
  2. All parking lots are designated as green, orange or red lots and the current designation can be found on University Transportation’s website.  The lot color designations represent the following privileges and restrictions:
    A)  Green Lots: Anyone with a valid permit may park in a green lot at any time.
    B)  Red Lots:  One must have a valid parking permit for these lots in order to park there.  For example, only those with a P5 permit may park in the P5 red lot.
    C)  Orange Lots: One must have a valid parking permit for these lots in order to park there from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday.  From 5 PM to 7 AM, anyone with a valid SPSU parking permit may park in any orange lot.  In addition anyone with a valid SPSU parking permit may park in an orange lot on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. No person shall stop, stand, or park any motor vehicle:
    A)    In contradiction to the privileges of your parking permit;
    B)    On any sidewalk, bike lane, grass or landscaped areas;
    C)    Next to any curb that is painted yellow or red;
    D)    In contradiction to a space reserved for electric vehicles for  electric vehicle charging;
    E)    In contradiction to a space reserved space for Zipcar or the PolyTrolley;
    F)     In any disability parking space without a disability permit;
    G)     Where official signs and/or markings prohibit parking;
    H)    In any area not designated as a parking zone.
    I)      In contradiction of official signs regulating the length of time a motor vehicle may remain parked in a specific area or the purpose for which a motor vehicle may park in a specific area;
    J)      In contradiction of official signs designating who may park in a specific zone, lot or space; or
    K)    In violation of any parking law or regulation contained within the Official Code of Georgia or the Ordinances of the City of Marietta.
  4. Inoperable or dilapidated motor vehicles may not be parked on the Southern Polytechnic State University campus. A motor vehicle may be deemed inoperable if it is in an obvious state of disrepair, if it remains unmoved in a location for more than one semester, or if it lacks current/proper licensing sufficient for highway operation as defined by the Official Code of Georgia.  A motor vehicle may be deemed dilapidated if it has broken lights, broken windows, flattened tires, or is un-roadworthy under the terms and conditions prescribed by the Official Code of Georgia.  Vehicles that fit this definition of inoperable or dilapidated will be towed.
  5. Overnight or extended parking of campers, vans, buses, etc., utilized as living and sleeping quarters within the university boundaries, is prohibited unless approved by University Transportation.
  6. Loading Zone Authorization - Authorization to park in designated loading zones may be obtained by any registrant for short periods of time for loading and unloading by calling the University Transportation Office. Commercial vehicles engaged in loading/unloading need no special authorization to use designated loading zones.
  7. Police and Service Motor Vehicles - Police and service motor vehicles may stop, stand, or park irrespective of these regulations while performing necessary official business with permission from University Transportation.  Service motor vehicles may not, however, be left unattended blocking a fire hydrant or obstructing the free flow of pedestrian and/or motor vehicle traffic. Police and service vehicles may not park in handicap areas, to include parking in a manner that blocks curb cuts, ramps, or gores, etc. designated for handicapped access.


Disability Parking

  1. Permit holders properly displaying a valid state issued disability permit may park in any disability space on campus.  Anyone parking in a visitor parking disability space, must show a state issued disability permit as well as pay any visitor rate, if applicable.
  2. Persons having temporary conditions such as an illness or injury that substantially limits their mobility may request a temporary disability permit from University Transportation.  To obtain a temporary disability permit, the driver must present a doctor's statement attesting to the person’s limited mobility and indicating for how long the permit is needed.  The permit will be displayed in clear view hanging from the rear view mirror.


Impoundment and Immobilization

1.    Southern Polytechnic State University’s University Transportation enforcement and Campus Police officers may remove, impound, or immobilize, at the owner's expense, vehicles from institutionally controlled property under the following circumstances:

a.    In a designated tow zone/no parking zone
b.    In a disability or reserved space without required permits;
c.     In a designated bus stop or a reserved space for Zipcar;
d.    Illegally parked and unattended and constitutes a safety hazard or obstruction of traffic;
e.    Parking in designated tow-away zones, at red curb areas, reserved space, blocking a fire hydrant, unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone, or blocking a handicapped ramp, curb cut, wheel chair safety gore, or other area necessary for handicapped access;
f.      Not displaying license plates and/or VIN is covered or unreadable;
g.    When a motor vehicle is presumed to be abandoned, is inoperable, is dilapidated, or is in a visible state of disrepair on a street or in a parking area;
h.    Left in a space or area after the time stipulated to vacate the space or area due to a special use;
i.      Parked on a lawn,  grass area or sidewalk;
j.      Illegally parked in a permit-required parking area;
k.    Authorized for removal or impoundment by Georgia Code 40-6-206 or Georgia Code 32-6-2.
l.      Displaying a falsified/altered permit;
m.  In cases of emergency or in the interest of public safety;
n.    When parking privileges have been revoked;
o.    When a driver parks or refuses to move a motor vehicle in contradiction to the direction of any University Transportation, personnel, law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, or other emergency management personnel;
p.    Legally parked but having three or more outstanding citations and has $100 or more in outstanding citations;
q.    Left in a space or areas after the time stipulated to vacate the space or area due to a special use;

2.    Southern Polytechnic parking enforcement and campus police officers may remove and impound, at the expense of SPSU, vehicles from institutionally controlled property:

a.    When the vehicle is unattended and legally parked but constitutes a safety hazard or obstruction of traffic;
b.    When a vehicle must be removed in the interest of safety or persons or property because of fire, flood, snow or emergency reasons.

3.    The University assumes no liability for damage to vehicles parked on University’s property during or as a result of immobilization or impoundment.

4.    Impounded vehicles will be towed to Marietta Wrecker Services located at 950 All Good Road in Marietta, Georgia 30064 at the owner's expense. Transfer to a commercial facility does not release the vehicle owner from liability for outstanding citations. 

5.    A booted/immobilized vehicle will have a tire lock (boot) attached to the wheel and a sticker placed on the windshield with instructions for paying fine and removal of the lock. Removing or attempting to remove a boot will result in the vehicle being cited for altering, defacing, removing, or destroying any official control device, immobilizing device, signal, gate, or sign.  Employee incidents will be referred to the employee's supervisor, and student cases will be referred to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action. In addition, cases may be referred to the Southern Polytechnic State University police department for legal action.  Motor vehicles parked in violation of the sections specified in this article are subject to impoundment or immobilization at the owner's expense. The vehicle's operator/owner/permit holder is responsible for all wrecker, storage, or immobilization device removal fees.  The operator of any vehicle impounded or immobilized must appear in person at the University Transportation Department to obtain a release.  If the vehicle is properly permitted, it will be released to the permit holder upon proof of identification or to the owner upon proof of ownership.  If the vehicle is not permitted, it will only be released to the owner upon proof of ownership.

6.   Inquiries regarding impounded and/or immobilized vehicles should be directed to the University Transportation Department at (678) 915-4279.


Reclaiming Immobilized and Impounded Vehicles

1.    Violators wishing to reclaim their vehicle must present a photo ID to University Transportation personnel at the department’s office location on the second floor of the Student Center.  Business hours include: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

2.    Prior to the release of their vehicle, violators will be required to pay the immobilization fee, impoundment and storage fee (if applicable), all outstanding citations, and any late fees accrued (if applicable). Once payment of all outstanding obligations has been made, a vehicle release slip will be issued.

3.    A current SPSU fee schedule for immobilized and/or impounded vehicles can be found in the Citations and Fines section of this document.


Citations and Fines:

 1.    Current Fine Schedule

Permit Not Valid in Lot


Unregistered Vehicle


Failure to Display Permit / Improper Display


No Parking Area


Expired Meter


Falsifying records


Obstructing traffic flow


Parking on Landscape


Parking on Sidewalk


Unauthorized Parking in Handicap Space


Parking in a Reserved or Service Space


Parking Beside a Red Curb


Parking Beside a Yellow Curb


Non-Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking in EV Space


Parking in Zipcar Space


Immobilization Fee/Boot Removal Fee


Late Fee (Citation is unpaid after 30 days)


Trace Fee for Unregistered Vehicles



2.     Currently fines can be paid online through the University Transportation website with your Parking Account. Once a citation or fine is transferred to a customer’s Banner Account, it can be paid at the Business Office or through your online Banner account.

3.     Customers have 30 calendar days to pay their citation. On the 3th day an additional late fee will be charged that is equal to the amount of the original citation.

4.    Unpaid citations will result in an account hold with the University Transportation Office, and will bar students, faculty and staff from:

a.    Obtaining new parking permits
b.    Replacing lost, stolen permits
c.     Permit refunds – ticket and any late fees will be deducted.

On the 31st day after a citation is written, any unpaid citations will be transferred to the customer’s Banner Account. These unpaid citations will result in SPSU barring the customer from:

a.    Class registration
b.    Receiving grades
c.    Dropping Classes
d.    Receiving transcripts
e.    Graduation



1.   All persons who have been ticketed for violations of the parking code or who have had their parking privileges revoked have the right of appeal, provided the appeal is made within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of a ticket or notice of revocation.  Any ticket or act of revocation under appeal is suspended until such time as the appeal is adjudicated.

2.   Appeals must be submitted to University Transportation in person and the appeal is heard by the Student Judiciary Cabinet in accordance with their procedures.  Appeal forms are available at University Transportation Office and online.


Revocation of Parking Privileges:

1.    Operation of a motor vehicle on the Southern Polytechnic campus is a privilege which may be revoked for the following reasons:

a.    Receiving more than seven (7) valid parking citations in one semester results in a thirty (30) day revocation of parking privileges,
b.    Receiving three (3) valid parking citations for failure to display a current permit results in the revocation of parking privileges until a permit is properly affixed to the vehicle.
c.     University Transportation will attempt to notify those persons whose parking privileges are subject to revocation prior to the revocation taking effect, if it is the first occasion of revocation.  Receipt of notification is not necessary to initiate revocation. A notification attempt will be made in one of the ways shown below:

i.     By placing an announcement on the motor vehicle;
ii.     By mailing a letter to any known address associated with the vehicle; or
iii.     By SPSU account email to the current permit or any former permit holder for the vehicle.