Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Residency Classification for Fee Payment Purposes

A person's legal residence is his or her permanent dwelling place. It is the place where he or she is generally understood to reside with the intent of remaining there indefinitely and returning there when absent. There must be a concurrence of actual residence and of interest to acquire a legal residence.

Because a proportion of financial support for the operation of public institutions of higher education in Georgia comes from the citizens through the payment of taxes, the determination of whether a student is classified as a resident or a nonresident of the state is a significant matter. The fees paid by resident students cover only a portion of the total cost of their education in the University System. Therefore, Georgia taxpayers are contributing part of the necessary funds to provide quality education for the citizens of the state.

Students are responsible for registering under the proper residency classification. Any student classified as a nonresident who believes that he or she is entitled to be reclassified as a legal resident may petition to the Registrar's Office for a change of status.

The Board of Regents establishes all rules regarding residency classification. For additional information visit this site: