Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

MET 4501 Engineering Computation using Matlab

Prerequisites: ENGR 3122


This course provides an introduction to computation in the context of engineering problem solving. In this course, the fundamental tenets of computer programming will be placed into the context of Matlab, a user-friendly language for engineers. It employs hands on exercises, examples from the world of engineering, and a variety core tools to increase general proficiency and capability in the computer programming, preparing students to fluidly adapt learned programming concepts to other languages. After teaching the linear, algebra, an introduction to computer programming with Matlab, including flow charts, loops, condition statements, and functions, is given. Basic numerical methods, including numerical integration, differentiation, and root finding are also covered. Emphasis is placed on using Matlab to solve engineering proglems, and using user-defined functions and toolboxes within Matlab to create computer programs and GUI's. A brief introduction to Simulink is also given.

Table of Contents