Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

DFN 2242 Design Communication II

Prerequisite: DFN 1241 or Approval of the Instructor


This course offers lecture and practicum. It introduces techniques and conventions of graphic communication as an aid for architectural design process and is seen as a continuation of Design Communication I. Techniques include hand drawing, 3D computer modeling, and computer 3D architectural animation. This course advances levels of visualization and representation of architectural building and related design ideas. The goal is to link digital modeling and animation techniques to various studio works both at process level and final presentation level. Variety of representation techniques include hand drawings, rendered drawings, hand constructed models, electronic 3D models, and computer animations. Highlighting design vocabulary through a series of projects ranging from page layout to building. Both small scale objects and moderate scale structures/buildings can be used as base information to represent concepts of design and techniques of representation

Table of Contents