Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Credit by Examination

Awarded at the Discretion of the Department Chair

Student evaluation by standardized and/or program examinations may be used at the discretion of the Department Chair as a basis for awarding credit for some courses. These evaluations are available only to currently enrolled students. A fee will be charged before the evaluation.

In order to receive credit by examination:

  • Check with the appropriate Department Chair about the applicability of credit by examination to the course(s) under consideration
  • If credit by exam is appropriate, obtain a Request for Credit by Examination form from the Office of the Registrar, complete it and pay the requisite fee at the Business Office
  • The Business Office will validate the form, and it should then be submitted to the Department Chair who is responsible for the course(s) in question

After the evaluation, the Department Chair will make his or her recommendation for credit to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar will notify the student of the final disposition of the credit.

Credit by exam may not be awarded for a course previously failed or audited at SPSU.