Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

CM 4620 Development Process II


Prerequisite: CM 4570, CM 3620

The course provides an overview of the development process from project acquisition through construction/development and ultimately the management and sale of the property. For each one of the major types of commercial income producing properties, the course focuses on the preparation of development cost budgets and financial operating proformas. Property management strategies commencing with lease up/ revenue stabilization and continuing through the holding period and eventual sale are discussed. The roles of asset, portfolio and property management are reviewed. Topics in real estate finance including participants, their respective roles and risk tolerance are discussed. The three methods for traditional real property appraisals will be also covered. Finally, marketing research and analysis for each one of the major property types is discussed with a focus on developing product type, price point and absorption conclusions. The course includes lectures, readings from the texts, class discussion, problems and exercises.

Table of Contents