Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Civil Engineering Technical Elective Courses

CE 3501 (3-0-3) Materials for Civil & Construction Engineering

A study of different materials used for light and heavy construction projects, such as aggregates, woods, metals, concretes, masonry, and bituminous materials. An overview of materials science will be introduced, as well. Prerequisites: ENGR 3131

CE 4704 (3-0-3)

Engineering Hydraulic Analysis and Design

The course applies principals of fluid mechanics to the design and analysis of hydraulic systems. The course emphasizes open channel flow and addresses topics of interest to the Civil Engineer. Topics include hydraulic grade line calculations, pump design, culvert analysis and design, based flood elevation studies using HEC-RAS, non-uniform flow, gutters and inlets, water distribution, open channel design. Prerequisite: ENGR 3343

CE 4705 (3-0-3)

Advanced Soil Mechanics

The course is offered as a technical elective to junior and senior undergraduate students who have already completed CE 3701-geotechnical engineering, and represents a transition between the introductory and fundamental nature of the material covered in ENGR 3131 and the more detailed and applied subject material contained in CE 4105 - Foundation Design. After a brief review of drained and undrained shear strength of soils under traditional triaxial compression testing, the advanced topics to be covered in shear strength will include modified Mohr-Coulomb diagrams, including p-q diagrams, stress paths, triaxial extension and triaxial compression tests, and drained and undrained failure at principle stress difference versus principal stress ratio. In consolidation, the components of settlement and the effect of submergence on ultimate consolidation settlement will be covered. Prerequisites: CE 3701

CE 4706 (3-0-3)

Pavement Engineering

A study of the methods used to determine thickness and composition of the components of both flexible and rigid highway pavements. Class work will also include paving materials, drainage systems, pavement distresses, and maintenance & rehabilitation. Standard techniques and computer software such as that of PCA, ACPA, the Asphalt Institute and AASHTO will be utilized in pavement thickness design. Prerequisite: CE 3201 and CE 3701

CE 4707 (3-0-3)

Design of Wood Structures

The course introduces the design of wood structure and properties of wood. The course will cover the topics such as determination of horizontal and vertical loads, horizontal and vertical load-resisting systems, design of horizontal diaphragms, and bolted and nailed connections. Prerequisite: CE 3201

CE 4709 (3-0-3)

Matrix Structural Analysis

The course offers computer oriented methods for solving determinate and indeterminate structures including matrix analysis of two-and three-dimensional trusses, continuous beams, and frames. The class emphasizes on the displacement method and stiffness matrix development. Matrix analysis method will be applied to problems in structural engineering and mechanics using the Structural Analysis Program 2000. Prerequisite: CE 3201

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