Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013


In addition to the above degree programs, SPSU also offers certificates in the following areas. The offering department is listed in parentheses. Admissions requirements vary, depending on the certificate.

Apparel Product Development (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Business Administration (Business Administration)

Business Continuity (Information Technology)

Communication Management (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

Computer Science (Computer Science)

Computer Science Transition Certificate (Computer Science

Content Strategy (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

Engineering Sales (ETM or Business Administration)

Facilities Management (Construction Management)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Certificate (Civil Engineering Technology)

Instructional Design (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

Information Security and Assurance (Information Technology)

Information Technology (Information Technology)

Information Technology Transition Certificate (Information Technology)

Land Development (Construction Management)

Land Surveying (Civil Engineering Technology)

Logistics (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Production Design (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Programming (Software Engineering)

Professional Spanish (International Studies)

Project Management: Construction (Construction Management)

Quality Assurance (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Quality Principles (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Specialty Construction (Construction Management)

Software Engineering (Software Engineering)

Systems Engineering (Industrial Engineering Technology)

Technical Communication (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

User Experience (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

Visual Communications (English, Technical Communications, and Arts)

Other certificates may be available. Check our web site for additional information.