Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

ATT 3602 Apparel Computer-Aided Technical Design II

Prerequisites: ATT 2301 and ATT 3505


Manual and computerized pattern grading theory are demonstrated and practiced by students utilizing industry standard digitizing, grading, and marker making systems. Principles and methods used in the preparation, planning, and cutting of fabrics and materials in apparel/textile products are presented including preparatory processes related to fabric cutting. Also presented are basic principles and computer methods of calculating, designing, and making pattern markers for apparel/textile products including yardage, cost estimation, and garment and fabric specifications through applied project work. Laboratory work includes developing cost and quality factors and the operation of equipment for inspecting, marking, shading, fabric defects, spreading, cutting and ply numbering. A systematic appraisal of the factors governing economical fabric use, including: in-depth study of the relationship of pattern make-up to fabric consumption; the impact of width variation to total consumption; and the relationship of all fabric defects to total utilization is presented.

Table of Contents