Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

ARCH 5999T Thesis Project

Prerequisite: ARCH 5593, ARCH 5998 ARCH 5999R


Design solutions must demonstrate Ability to produce evidence to meet and exceed applicable NAAB criteria set by the Faculty.

Thesis Coordinators uphold thesis procedures, standards and pedagogical mechanics keeping in view applicable NAAB student performance criteria [learning outcomes], values, principles and expectations of the Architecture Faculty in line with the vision and mission of the Arch Program and the University.

Thesis Projects must follow the approved design proposal [ARCH 5593] and be properly documented according to the approved thesis book layout, structure and table of contents. Thesis Project Book must be approved by student's Committee and Thesis Coordinator to be acceptable for publication. Thesis requirements will be considered incomplete without the submission of the Project Book according to the approved guidelines.

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