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Bachelor of Science in Physics

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A Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at Southern Polytechnic State University is a good choice for students desiring positions in industry that are on the cutting edge of engineering and science. These positions offer great opportunity at the entry level and a strong career path with excellent earning potential.

The flexibility afforded by an SPSU physics degree is most attractive. With the proper choice of a minor field of study, our physics majors are prepared to obtain employment in such diverse areas as science and/or engineering positions in industry, technical sales, or scientific programming.

Because most physics majors go on to graduate study, we offer a capstone review course. Those planning to work immediately after graduation may opt to do independent projects that position them competitively for the marketplace.

Physics researchers are using lasers to detect biological and chemical agents, analyzing cell-based communications to learn how heart disease occurs, and testing pigments to authenticate works of art. This science is a keystone of technological progress; it also underlies all of engineering, and it is a useful second major for those pursuing degrees in mathematics, electrical or mechanical engineering technology. All of our physics students receive job offers that put them in the front lines of fascinating careers and maximize their earnings potential.

Our graduates have been hired by respected organizations like Applied Decision Analysis, Inc., Argonne Labs, Barco Chromatics, BellSouth Mobility, Cape International Management, Inc., Flexible Products Company, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Gallet & Associates, Hulsey Seed Laboratory, Inc., Institute of Paper Science & Tech, Inc., Law Engineering & Environment Serv. Inc., Lockheed, Lucas Body Systems NA, NASA, National Science Foundation, Nortel Telecommunications, Nova Engineering & Environment, Osmose Wood Preserving, Inc., Southern Company, and VA's CDI Corporation.

SPSU physics majors meet the educational portion of requirements for registration as a professional engineer in most states. For students wishing to continue in higher education at the graduate level, additional career paths are available in teaching, research, law, medicine, and engineering.

Advisors for our physics majors work closely with students in choosing electives to meet very individual career objectives. Students may also choose to earn double majors in physics and engineering technology.

Two significant advantages of majoring in physics at SPSU are our small, personalized classes and our outstanding distinguished faculty. All physics courses for our majors are taught by faculty holding Ph.D. degrees.

The Faculty:

Ratnappuli Kulasiri, Lecturer

Russell S. Patrick, Professor

Philip E. Patterson, Assistant Professor and Department Chair

Kisa Ranasinghe, Assistant Professor

Michael G. Thackston, Professor

Physics Bachelor of Science Requirements

Physics Bachelor of Science Minor

A Second Degree in Physics