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Mechatronics Engineering

Offering the Bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines with an infusion of computer science and software engineering. Mechatronics engineers use this integrated approach to bring higher performance to engineering systems, and to make them more reliable and more cost-effective. Professionals skilled in this area have been identified as a critical need by industry and by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Studies conducted by the National Research Council discuss the value of interdisciplinary solutions that integrate multiple technologies across technical disciplines.

Mechatronic systems can be a complete product or a sub-component of a product. Examples of mechatronic systems include aircraft flight control and navigation systems; automotive electronic fuel injection and anti-lock brake systems; automated manufacturing systems including robots, numerical control machining centers, packaging systems and plastic injection-molding systems; artificial organs; health monitoring of engineered and surgical systems; copy machines; and many more. A common element of all these systems is the integration of analog and digital circuits, microprocessors and computers, mechanical devices, sensors, actuators, and controls.

Mechatronics Engineering graduates can select from a wide spectrum of industries for career choices and can also contribute in a variety of roles including design engineer, software engineer, project planner, product designer, and project manager. Opportunities are also available to graduates in smaller companies that need generalists who can perform both mechanical and electrical engineering functions.

The SPSU Bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics Engineering was approved by the Board of Regents in October 2006.

The Faculty:

R. Glenn Allen, Professor and Program Director

Chan Ham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Cyril Okhio, Ph.D., C. Eng., Associate Professor

Ying Wang, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor

Mechatronics Engineering - Bachelor of Science Requirements