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Construction Management


The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

The Masters of Science in Construction management

Professional Certificate in Project Management

Professional Certificate in Land Development

Professional Certificate in Specialty Construction

On- Line Professional Certificate in Specialty Construction

Professional Certificate in Facilities Management

Minor in Construction Management

M4 +T=Success

To succeed, construction professionals must manage money, materials, manpower, machinery, and time as effectively as possible. At Southern Polytechnic, students master these skills in a degree program that makes the most of their schedules and budgets.

The BS Construction Management degree program was first accredited by the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) in 1992. As Georgia's senior accredited Construction Management degree program, we cover a broad range of topics, offer morning, afternoon and evening courses, and use flexible formats. Hands-on learning and our solid reputation make our graduates market-ready for one of the nation's largest industries and one of the region's highest growth professions. In the Southeast, the drive for growth has led construction firms to branch out into new market segments by focusing on the education, health care, water, waste, and transportation markets. To compete in this booming industry, aspiring construction professionals increasingly turn to Southern Polytechnic's Bachelor and Masters of Construction Management to develop the business skills needed to complete projects on time and within budget.

What is Construction Management?

Key construction management skills include scheduling, estimating and project management. These skills are utilized during the planning, design and construction of projects from inception to completion and work to control cost, time and quality, based on given drawings and specifications.

The Construction Management B.S. Degree program offers the following concentrations:

General Contracting

Land Development

Specialty (MEP) Construction.

Facilities Management

We also offer a minor in Construction Management for other Majors

What can I do with a Construction Management Degree?

Construction Management graduates work in various organizations including, but not limited to: general contracting firms, developers, specialty contractors, Fortune 500 companies, banks, highway construction and others.

Typical job titles for Construction Management graduates are:

Construction Manager

Project Engineer

Project Manager



Office Engineer

Our department's growing reputation outside the U.S. attracts a high proportion of international students, creating a multi-ethnic environment that reflects the increasingly diverse workplace. Drawing on these varied backgrounds, our students learn to look at challenges from many different angles and to use ingenuity in targeting solutions with the greatest value.

Construction Management is a discipline which is designed to instill in future constructors the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to make the critical decisions which will guide the production and management processes of the largest industry in the United States.

In CM Major the traditional areas of business, engineering, and architecture are combined with specialized courses in construction. Completion of this curriculum prepares the Construction Manager to work with other project team members in managing the construction process.

Graduates in this field will help solve the complex technical and managerial problems in the building process, and can look forward to challenging careers which provide a full range of outlets for their creative efforts.

The subjects are taught so as to develop skills as well as instill knowledge. The intent is to create a professional who works well in team situations. The course work frequently uses cases or projects to simulate the working environment. A constant effort is made to help the student develop an analytical, practical, and realistic approach to problem solving and decision-making.

Our accredited Construction program provides an opportunity for students to choose one or more of following four concentrations:

  • General - focuses on project management and the construction process from the general contractor perspective
  • Specialty - focuses on the mechanical and electrical managerial aspects of construction
  • Development - focuses on the entrepreneurial and economic aspects of construction from the owner or developer perspective
  • Facilities Management - focuses on the repair, maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade of existing facilities

Upon graduation most students pursue careers with construction firms.

Typical entry-level positions include:

Project engineer

Safety engineer

Assistant superintendent

Assistant project manager

Scheduling engineer

Assistant cost engineer

Quality control engineer

Assistant estimator

Opportunities are not limited to these areas, however, as many graduates start their careers with equipment or material suppliers, development firms, specialty contractors, lenders, or owners.

The demand for constructors in Georgia, and particularly in the Atlanta region, is so great that employers have been forced to recruit out-of-state to hire graduates with construction management degrees. As a result, the program at Southern Polytechnic State University was established through the seed money of the members and associate members of the Georgia Branch of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. Southern Polytechnic State University is a member of Associated Schools of Construction (ASC). The fundamental objective of the ASC is to establish, advance, and sustain construction education as a unique and progressive academic discipline. The establishment and nurturing of the construction program is evidence of Southern Polytechnic State University's commitment to this objective.

The Faculty

Our faculty members belong to numerous professional organizations including the ABC, AGC, AIC, ASCE, ASEE, ASHRAE, CMAA, GUCA, MECA, NAHB, and NECA. Many students belong to student chapters of the above organizations, enabling virtually all graduates to find employment prior to graduation. The estimated average starting salary for B.S. Construction graduates is $50,300, based on a 2008 annual salary survey. For more information on our courses and industry affiliations, visit www.spsu.edu/cnst

Our Award-winning faculty includes Professor John Mench, recipient of 2007 Georgia Society of Professional Engineer of the Year Award in Education & SPSU Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award of the year 2010, Dr. Khalid Siddiqi, recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award (2005) from Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) & SPSU Teacher of the Year 2003 Awards, and Dr. Gouranga Banik, ASC's National Teaching Award recipient in 2002 & SPSU Teacher of the Year 2006.

Hussein Abaza, Assistant Professor

Gouranga C. Banik, Professor

Wilson C. Barnes, ACC Dean/ Professor

Zuhair El-Itr, Associate Professor

Maureen Weidner, Lecturer

Shariar Makarechi, Assistant Professor

Pavan Meadati, Assistant Professor

John Mench, Senior Lecturer

John Hicks, Assistant Professor

Sonia Toson, Lecturer

Khalid M. Siddiqi, Professor and Department Chair

Construction Management - Bachelor of Science Requirements

Construction Minor

Construction Management Certificate Programs

Certificate in Highway Project Management

Certificate in Land Development

Certificate in Project Management Construction

Certificate in Specialty Construction