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Computer Science Certificate Programs

Certificate in Programming

The Professional Certificate in Programming prepares students with post-secondary education or several years of work experience to enter the Computer Programming field as a career change. The focus is on obtaining programming skills and database and web-based applications development skills. All classes must be passed with a "C" or better.

Programming Certificate Program Objectives

  • Provide students with ability to transition into the computing profession.
  • To provide students with fundamental programming skills.
  • To provide students exposure to implementing computer applications.

Programming Certificate Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficient programming skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of databases and applications using databases.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of application web programming.

Certificate in Programming Requirements

CSE 1301

Programming & Problem Solving I


CSE 1302

Programming & Problem Solving II


CS 3153

Database Systems


IT 3203

Introduction to Web Development


And one of the following:


SWE 2313

Introduction to Software Engineering


CS 3424*

Data Structures


IT 4203

Advanced Web Development



17 - 18 hours

*NOTE: CS 3424 has a pre-requisite of MATH 2345 Discrete Mathematics.