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Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (ABET Accredited)
The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Why study Computer Science at SPSU?

What field of study has seen more technological developments that have become part of our daily lives in just a matter of the past few decades than any other? Developments such as the Internet and email, search engines, wi-fi, etc., virtually unknown a few decades ago, make computer science one of the strong contenders for this distinction!

Combining fundamental theory with hands-on lab work in current programming languages, the Computer Science degree gives students a breadth of knowledge -- of operating systems, architecture, networks, and databases -- in a high-tech environment. Our numerous labs are equipped with the latest technology, including a real-time lab with the most current commercial-grade software tools and an IT lab with its own server for management and IT courses. And in our classrooms, professors teach using networked computers and smart boards, and technologies that allow for interactive demonstrations of programs at work, and other innovative pedagogical techniques.

About the program

As preparation for diverse employment opportunities, the Computer Science program offers a wide range of Mathematics and Computer Science courses, such as Programming Language Concepts, Data Structures, and Algorithm Analysis. Students may elect to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, which offers a mix of rigor and exposure to current technologies, or the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, which offers flexibility, e.g., with a minor in one additional area of study. For student convenience, many classes are offered in the evenings, especially as students make progress toward graduation.

The Faculty

Each faculty member in Computer Science has his or her own specialty, from research to business applications. Our faculty members have completed research fellowships with the U.S. Air Force and other government labs, programmed business applications for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and developed and managed systems and software for IBM Corporation. They pass their expertise in the professional field along to their students, who go on to succeed professionally as well.

Patrick O. Bobbie, Professor

Jeffrey W. Chastine, Associate Professor

Venu G. Dasigi, Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Thomas M. Eidson, Lecturer

Bob Harbort, Professor

Chih-Cheng Hung, Professor

Edward Jung, Assistant Professor

Orlando A. Karam, Associate Professor

Chia-Tien (Dan) Lo, Associate Professor

Briana B. Morrison, Assistant Professor

Patricia R. Pierce, Senior Lecturer

Jon Preston, Associate Professor

Kai Qian, Professor

Are there learning opportunities outside the classroom?

Computer science students at SPSU can participate in the Aerial Robotics Club on campus, which placed second in the 2001 international competition sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems for an automatic pilot guiding program that was written for SPSU's aerial robotics machines. Students also compete in annual programming contests sponsored by the Association of Computer Machinery, a national professional organization with student chapters worldwide. Students have internship and co-op opportunities, as well.

What can I do with a Computer Science degree?

With a Computer Science degree, you are equipped to enter a variety of positions, from software development at a Fortune 500 company to game development, to just about anywhere your skills can take you – including winning an Oscar for animation technologies, as our alumni did in 2005! Graduates are often involved in software development, innovative applications and uses of computers, and new and improved solution techniques to hard problems. They gain many useful skills that are immediately applicable, but are well-founded in the fundamental concepts and are well on their way to lifelong learning in the rapidly changing technological workplace.

Will I find employment?

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top ten fastest jobs are either in health care or related to computing. Our close proximity to Atlanta opens up a world of internship, co-op, and full-time work opportunities to our students, as Atlanta is home to many major corporations that welcome SPSU students.

The Programs:

The baccalaureate programs in Computer Science emphasize the entire scope of computer science, ranging from basic hardware principles through the system and application software levels to the use and management of such systems.

The ABET Accredited Bachelor of Science degree is designed for students wanting a maximum technical preparation for their career.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students wanting to apply their knowledge of computer science to another area of study.

Both degrees have Core requirements, Major requirements, and Directed Electives. The Core provides basic coursework to ensure that the graduate is well-rounded as an educated individual.

The Major contains those CS and SWE courses considered fundamental to the field, regardless of any specialization. The Directed Electives provide depth beyond the Core to support the student's professional preparation.

  • Both degrees require a grade of "C" or better in all CS, CSE, SWE, and IT courses applied to degree requirements.

Students in the BS degree program are required to have at least three science-related courses subject to the following rules:

  • Two lab science courses used to satisfy Area D of the core
  • The remainder may be taken as lab sciences or as other approved courses that provide breadth and/or depth in the natural sciences or otherwise explore the scientific method.

Computer Science - Bachelor of Science Requirements

Computer Science - Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Computer Science Minor

Computer Science Certificate Programs

Computer Science - Bachelor of Science Requirements

Computer Science - Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Computer Science Minor

Computer Science Certificate Programs