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Offering the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Chemistry Program at Southern Polytechnic State University is part of the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the School of Arts and Sciences. The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry was approved by the Board of Regents in August, 2007. A minor in Chemistry is also offered. The Chemistry major offers two concentrations-General Chemistry and Materials Science.

The Chemistry major is designed to prepare students for careers in the traditional chemical sciences, as well as in biotechnology, environmental chemistry, and materials chemistry. The concentration of job growth in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnological, scientific and technical arenas has fueled the growth of opportunities within the chemistry industry as related to the development of new drugs and products used to combat illness and disease. Chemists are also needed to monitor and measure air and water pollutants to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Graduates trained in nanotechnology, the next frontier in material science, will likely participate in the development and manufacture of new materials that will help to solve new problems.

The Faculty:

Jack Duff, Senior Lecturer

Alan Gabrielli, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of Arts and Sciences

Lu Kang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Rajnish Singh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Zvi Szafran, Ph.D., Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Wei Zhou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Stephanie McCartney, Ph.D., Laboratory Manager

Chemistry - Bachelor of Science Requirements

Chemistry Minor

Chemistry General Track

Chemistry - Material Science Track