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Career and Counseling Center

Counseling Services

The Career and Counseling Center offers a variety of counseling services to students, including help with personal, academic, and career concerns.

Personal concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and communication issues can make it very difficult for students to gain the most from the university environment and from their classes. Professional counselors provide time limited individual and/or group sessions for students seeking confidential assistance with these and other personal issues.

Part of the career development process involves increasing self-understanding in such areas as values, life goals, interests, and skills. Counselors can help students increase their self-understanding and learn how to match their personal characteristics with the work environments that a university education makes possible for them.

Academic concerns center on more effective time management, study skills and dealing with test anxiety. Counselors can assist students in identifying deficiencies in these areas to make the overall academic experience more successful. Many students find university work more difficult than they expected and find that it strains their abilities.

Counselors can assist students develop skills to manage stress, overcome test anxiety, improve test-taking strategies, enhance memory and better understand their learning style.

The Career and Counseling Center provides a variety of assessments to assist students in clarifying and/or confirming their goals. The Center also offers an online mental health screening that helps determine the need for additional evaluation and/or services.

Counselors provide outreach programs on many topics, including stress management, assertiveness training, depression, deciding on a major, relationship building, and special student concerns (a detailed list can be found on the Center's website at www.spsu.edu/cccenter).

All counseling services arefree of charge, confidential, and are available by appointment. Counseling staff members are also available for consultation to SPSU faculty and staff who are concerned about specific situations and/or individuals.

Career Services

The Career and Counseling Center provides job search assistance for graduates and for students seeking full-time, part-time, temporary and on-campus employment. The Center provides assistance to students in preparing for the job search and obtaining employment suited to their career goals and aspirations, but can never guarantee employment for any student or graduate. Services offered include:

  • Assisting in resume preparation
  • Offering career search workshops and mock interviews
  • Access to Jobs and career database (Career Link)
  • On-campus interviews and/or information sessions

Students are encouraged to make use of career services as early as possible during their stay at Southern Polytechnic. Degree candidates should begin the job search process at least two semesters prior to their graduation.

On-Campus Employment

There are three main kinds of on-campus positions for students: College Work Study (from funds awarded by the Financial Aid Office), Student Assistants (depends on funds that are allocated to the department) and Graduate Assistants (should check with the department based on your major). Students seeking on-campus employment should begin their search by registering in the Career Link database. International students should begin the job search process in the ATTIC.

Alumni assistance is also offered through the Career and Counseling Center. Employment opportunities for alumni are posted in the CAREER LINK database on the Center's web page. Alumni may attend career fairs and skillshop sessions offered by the Center.