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Classification of Students

Credit Hour

Definition of a Credit Hour - One credit hour corresponds to one hour per week of classroom work for a semester, or to three clock hours or its equivalent of laboratory work per week for a semester. Some exceptions exist.

How a Student is Classified - A student is classified at the end of each term on the basis of the number of credit hours earned. The credit hours include all course work for which the student has earned college level credit at Southern Polytechnic State University, plus any transfer credit accepted by Southern Polytechnic State University.

Hours Earned








90 and above


Full-time Students

Undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours are considered full-time students.

Note that the federal government and some other agencies have different definitions of student status. For example, without regard to the above table, all undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 hours to qualify for most types of financial aid (HOPE and Pell excepted).