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Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Faculty

Beach, Michael B.

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University at Albany

B.S., University at Albany

Duff, Jack L.


M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. University of West Florida at Pensacola

Gabrielli, Alan M.

Professor and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D., University of South Carolina

B.S., Francis Marion College

Kang, Lu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Wesleyan University

M.S., Chinese Academy of Science

B.S., Xiamen University

Kulasiri, Ratnappuli


Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

B.S., University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Louten, Jennifer

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Brown University

B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology

Patrick, Russell S.


Ph.D., Drexel University

M.S., Drexel University

B.S., Drexel University

Patterson, Philip E.

Assistant Professor and Department Chair

Ph.D., University of Georgia

M.S., Clark Atlanta University

M.S., Southern Polytechnic State University

B.S., Purdue University

Ranasinghe, Kisa

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Missouri, Rolla

M.S., University of Missouri, Rolla

B.Sc., University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Sakaris, Peter C.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Auburn University

M.S., University of Maryland Eastern Shore

B.S., State University of New York, Stony Brook

Singh, Rajnish

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

M.S., Nagpur University, India

B.S., Nagpur University, India

Sugalski, Mark

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Miami University (Ohio)

M.S., Miami University (Ohio)

B.S., Roger Williams University

Szafran, Zvi

Professor and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ph.D., University of South Carolina

B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Thackston, Michael G.


Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

Whitenton, James B.,


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

B.S., University of Texas

Zhou, Wei

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas Tech University

M.S., Tongji University (China)

B.S., Tongji University (China)