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Logistics and Purchasing

The Logistics and Purchasing team oversees the purchasing life cycle of all campus technology, starting from the initial purchasing approval process, to technology upgrades, product replenishment and finally to decommission and surplus. The team works to ensure all products purchased fall under UITS, Procurement and USG standards and guidelines.

Below is a set of steps that detail the Quote Request and EDP Approval procedures. Employees that are involved with purchasing technology for their department should be familiar with these procedures to ensure a quick turn around time for their requests.

Quote Request

  1. Visit helpdesk.spsu.edu.Quoting & EDP Process
  2. Log in with your full spsu.edu email address and the same password that you use for Zimbra.
  3. From the drop down menu under ticket type, select “Tech Support” > “Purchasing” > “Quote Request”.
  4. Create a request by leaving a description of the item(s) that you need. Be sure to leave as many details and technical specifications as possible. 
  5. Note the end users and location of the equipment, and provide as much Quoting & EDP Processinformation as possible, as it will speed up the processing of your request. **All technology purchases will require a help desk ticket. This includes peripherals, printers and any other items that are purchased with a pCard or PO.**
  6. Submit the ticket. A copy of your request will arrive in your inbox, and a Logistics and Purchasing team member will be notified of your request and processing will begin.

Updates to your request will be sent via email from the help desk. If you reply to the email, your communication will be stored in the ticket, and the Logistics and Purchasing team member will be notified of your message.

EDP Approval

Once a quote request has been made, a Logistics and Purchasing team member will work with vendors to build a quote based on the request.

  1. A Logistics and Purchasing team member will create an EDP for theQuoting & EDP Process requester along with a DR (if necessary).
  2. The EDP, DR and official quote will be combined into a “Quote Package,” which will then be attached to a new note in the help desk. This note will be emailed to the requester.
  3. Log into the help desk to download and print the Quote Package. At this point, the requester can make hard copies for record keeping.
  4. IF the Quote Package contains a DR be sure to obtain all required signatures. 
    1. Send (via campus mail) or hand deliver the signed Quote Package to IT Logistics and Purchasing in H240. It will then be delivered to Procurement for processing.
  5. IF the Quote Package does not contain a DR (pCard Purchase), then the requester should reply to the ticket, confirming the accuracy of the documents. 
    1. The requester can now use their pCard to purchase the item. Items purchased with a pCard will be delivered directly to the requesting department.

All shipment and delivery notifications for items purchased with a PO will be added to a note in the ticket. You can always check the status of your request by logging into the help desk at http://helpdesk.spsu.edu.

Example of a non-approved EDP

A goal of the Client Services team is to provide great customer service through quick response times and accurate request processing. If you have any questions, please email client_services@spsu.edu or call 678-915-7834.


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