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FY2012 Proposals

Note: This is a list of all of the proposals that were submitted for review as part of FY12 funding. Final funding decisions will be announced during Fall Semester 2011.

  FY2012 (Projected)
FY2012 Academic Software Licenses funded via the Technology Fee: $156,047
Previously approved, multi-year projects that are currently funded via the Technology Fee: $190,333
FY2012 Technology Proposals (This amount is the funding available for new projects) $616,745
Estimated fee collection: $963,125

FY2012 Academic Software Licenses Funded via the Technology Fee*

  Software Application Campus Usage
TF-12-01 Wimba Live Classroom Campus
TF-12-02 Autodesk Architecture, Construction, Civil Engineering
TF-12-03 GeorgiaVIEW Vista Campus
TF-12-04 Ensemble Video Media Hosting Campus
TF-12-05 Campus
TF-12-06 Clearspace (Collaborate) Campus
TF_12-07 Adobe Floating License Upgrade Renewal English, Technical Communication, and Media Arts
TF-12-08 ESRI ARC GIS Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Construction
TF-12-09 MathCAD Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Math, Civil Engineering Technology, Architecture
TF-12-10 MATLab Mechanical Engineering, Math, Physics
TF-12-11 MapleSoft Maple Math, Physics
TF-12-12 SPSS Social and International Studies
    Total Software Account Estimate for FY 2012: $156,047

* The ongoing Academic Software License funding source was set to $150,000 for FY11, but increases proportionally as the technology fee collections grow. Initial funding awards are based on estimates from previous year. Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) runs from July 1, 2011 through June 30th, 2012

FY2012 Technology Fee Proposals Approved for funding by CIO and VPAA

Project # Project # Project Manager
Project Year 1
Project Year 2
Project Year 3
 TF-12-26 Wireless Network Correction and Enhancements Ron Skopitz  $98,708 $0  $0 Approved
TF-12-32 Establishment of new Aerospace Engineering Laboratory  Adeel Khalid  $41,150  $27,500  $26,500 Approved, pending space identification
TF-12-20 Echo360 Lecture capture extension* Hugh Webster $250,366 $196,975 $196,975 Approved with a Technology Fee Funded position to support the Echo360 and Video Conferencing Hardware.
TF-12-21 Connecting SPSU to the TCSG Video Network* Patrick Fisk $132,000 $142,000 $245,010 Approved with a Technology Fee Funded position to support the Echo360 and Video Conferencing Hardware.
 TF-12-46 Support of Computer Gaming Lab (Mobile and Capstone)  Jon Preston $15,800   $0  $0 Approved
 TF-12-30 Advancing education in Biology and Chemistry using infrared gas analysis Matthew Weand   $49,000 $0  $0 Approved
 TF-12-31 Computers enhancing students hands on learning experience   Andy Ju Wang $47,990   $0  $0 Approved
 TF-12-40  Establishing a new biology and chemistry lab in G-219  Mark Sugalski  $27,825  $0  $0 Approved, pending space availability.
 TF-12-29  NI ELVIS Integrated Laboratory for Electronics, Controls, and Biomedical Laboratories  Austin Asgill $52,350   $40,582  $20,343.32 Approved
 TF-12-37  3D Laser Scanning: The avenue to enhancing rapid design and manufacturing development through teaching and project work Randy Emert   $30,969.00  $0 $0 Approved
TF-12-47 Department of IT - Health Information Technology Lab (HIT Lab) Chi Zhang $13,000 $0 $0 Approved
 TF-12-59  Power mechanical earth drill  Fatih Oncul  $2,548  $0  $0 Approved

*FY2012 Support Allocations

In FY2012 it was determined that a position must be hired to support the implementation of Technology Fee Projects TF-12-20: Echo360 Lecture capture extension and TF-12-21: Connecting SPSU to the TCSG Video Network. A position has been created to support these projects. Continued funding for the position is dependent on the Technology Fee allocation process.

Project #




Instructional Services Specialist (Staff Position)
A staff position must be hired to troubleshoot, monitor, and support the lecture capture and video conferencing technology used to support online, technology enhanced, and blended learning. Hiring this position allows for the two technology fee projects related to video conferencing and lecture capture to move forward
( TF-12-20 and TF-12-21)


Final Project #

FY2012 technology fee proposals submitted to the Technology Fee Review and Evaluation Committee that did not receive funding:

Final Project # Initial Project # and Title
Project Manager
Project Year 1 Project Year 2 Project Year 3 Notes
TF-12-22 Single Sign Digital Signage & Campus Wide Digital Signage Tye Walker $145,000 $8,700 $8,700  
TF-12-23 Structural building technology lab for school of Architecture, Civil Engineering Technology, and Construction Hussein Abaza $123,450 $0 $0  
TF-12-24 Storage and Permissions Manager Position Ron Koger $109,650 $115,113 $120,889  
TF-12-25 Computer labs squad team Hussein Abaza $97,708 $0 $0  
TF-12-27 Academic Disk Storage Replacement Ron Skopitz $89,345 $0 $0  
TF-12-28 Security cameras for Architecture buildings Marietta Monaghan $55,131 $0 $0  
TF-12-33 Student Lab/Competition Team Manufacturing Center Scott Tippens and Charles Duvall $37,695 $0 $0  
TF-12-34 Learning environment beyond classrooms Pavan Meadati $35,288.78 $0 $0  
TF-12-35 Earth resistivity (ERT) equipment Faith ONcul $33,158 $0 $0  
TF-12-36 TouchNet Ty Walker $32,054 $7,504 $7,504  
TF-12-38 Going green using additive manufacturing Randy Emert $25,975.00 $0 $0  
TF-12-39 FsaAtlas Software for International Student Services Tara Evans $28,480 $1,872 $0  
TF-12-41 Video Content Management Hugh Webster $25,183 $25,183 $25183  
TF-12-42 CTE Instructional Video Project (IVP) Dawn Ramsey $25,000 $33,500 $23,500  
TF-12-43 GEO-STUDIO: Geotechnical Engineering Analysis and Design Software Faith Oncul $24,882 $0 $0  
TF-12-44 Humanoid Intelligent Robotics Research and Teaching Platform Chih-chen Hung $16,360 $0 $0  
TF-12-45 Equipment to request advance immersive capabilities for creating innovative and interactive online tutorials Max North $16,200 $0 $0  
TF-12-48 Physics Computer Lab Upgrade (H250) Phillip E. Patterson $14,500 $14,400 $0  
TF-12-49 Database servers to support realistic database experience to students Orlando Karam $11,000 $0 $0  
TF-12-50 Quantum Computational Software for Science Teaching and Research Lu Kang $10,000 $0 $0  
TF-12-51 Classroom Computer Projector Tim Ziegler $10,000 $0 $0  
 TF-12-52 Soloist and Virtuoso Update and Maintenance for Language Lab  Julie Newell  $9,581  $2,850  $2,850  Withdrawn by proposal author

Production system for creating innovative and interactive course tutorials

Max North $9,428 $0 $0  
TF-12-54 3D Tool and Viewer for the advancement of learning and technology Kenton Flemming $8,200 $3,200 $3,200  
TF-12-55 RISA3D: Structural Analysis Software (RBS Bundle) Faith Oncul $6,500 $0 $0  
TF-12-56 3D Assisted Facial Recognition Chih-Chen Hung $4,000 $0 $0  
TF-12-57 Software for teaching building information modeling courses Pavan Meadati $3,445 $0 $0  
TF-12-58 Creating remote learning environment through video, audio recording and screen capture devices Pavan Meadati $2,956 $0 $0  
TF-12-60 Two laser jet color printers Tim Ziegler $2,600 $0 $0  
TF-12-61 Digital Camera-Computer Systems for Microscopes Mir Atiqullah $2,498 $250 $250  
      Fiscal Year 2011 Fiscal Year 2012 Fiscal Year 2013  
  Total new project funds requested by fiscal year:   $1,787,571 $588,704 $620,969  


Previously approved, multi-year projects that are currently funded via the Technology Fee

Project # Project # Notes Project Manager
FY 2012 Funding FY2013 Funding Notes
TF-11-51 ATTIC  Tutoring Enhancement (ATE) Project Approved - Project not implemented due to EDP hold by Division of Information Technology Jeff Orr $22,900 $3,900  
TF-11-54 CM Department Practical Applications  Lab Technology & Equipment Package Approved - Project not implemented due to EDP hold by Division of Information Technology John Hicks $2,550 $2,550  
TF-11-62 Establishment of A Joint Microwave Laboratory for Teaching &  Research Approved - Funds released 7/21/2010. Lu Kang $21,200 $23,995  
TF-11-70 Construction Software Proposal Approved - Funds released 7/21/2010. Sonia Toson $2,928.85 $2,928.85  
TF-11-71 3D Assisted Facial Recognition Approved - Funds released 7/21/2010. Chih-Cheng Hung $1,450 $1,450  
TF-11-72 SPSU  Materials Library Approved - Funds released 7/21/2010. Student labor removed by committee. Michael Carroll $7,900 $7,900  
TF-11-78 RF,  Microwave and Communications Systems Design Laboratory Enhancement Approved - Funds will most likely be available in October, 2010. Austin Asgill $1,404 $1,404  
TF-11-79 Standardization of Classroom Equipment Approved - Project on hold until remaining FY11 funds can be finalized. Leigh Ann Soublis $270,000 (includes FY11 Funds) $130,000  
        Fiscal Year 2012 Fiscal Year 2013  
      Total ongoing funds allocated: $190,333 $144,128