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FY10 Approved Tech Fee Projects

Proj Dept. Project Title  Notes   Project Total  Status 
O-10-01 DL Wimba   $29,982.00 Fall 
O-10-02 MET MatLab   $1,665.00 Fall 
O-10-03 ECET Labview   $1,995.00 Fall 
O-10-04 Campus Lab Manager   $55,000.00 Fall 
O-10-05 Campus Cornerstone & Keyserver   $3,000.00 Fall 
O-10-06 Campus Academic Technician   $47,900.00 Fall 
O-10-07 Campus Academic Network   $26,460.00 Fall 
O-10-08 Campus Wireless   $30,200.00 Fall 
O-10-09 Campus Expanded Lab Hours   $15,500.00 Fall 
O-10-10 MET Solidworks   $6,500.00 Fall
A-10-16 BCP Classroom Computer Technology Upgrade for D-252, D-138, E-154, E-171 and E-222 Fund D252 only  $1,150.00 Fall 
I-10-02 DoIT Projector Replenishment - Year 3   $40,500.00 Fall
A-10-34 MET New printers for Engineering Graphics Labs K-174 & K-176   $1,800.00 Fall 
I-10-09 DoIT 10 Gigabit Ethernet Upgrade for Building J   $54,800.00 Fall
S-10-06 IEEE GPIB Plug-in Controller for ECET students, IEEE, Robotics, & Sub Teams   $937.00 Fall 
S-10-08 Robotics Robots - Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence Platform   $2,219.00 Fall 
A-10-11 ARCH Epilog 36 EXT Laser Cutter  Fund one   $44,550.00 Fall
A-10-25 IT Network Lab Equipment   $761.00 Fall 
A-10-30 ECET Console Server for G-219 Telecom Lab   $790.00 Fall 
I-10-10 DoIT Network Storage Enhancements   $71,116.00 Fall
S-10-02 FSAE CNC Plasma Cutter   $20,500.00 Fall
A-10-17 ETCMA Software and Hardware Upgrade for J-214, Composition Classroom  Fund software only option 2  $8,675.00 Fall
A-10-29 ECET Serial WAN Cards for G-219 Telecom Lab Routers   $2,014.00 Fall
I-10-08 DoIT Academic Network Upgrades for Buildings E & J   $41,350.00 Fall
S-10-04 CET/MET Building Inspection with Infrared Imaging System   $9,548.00 Fall
A-10-22 CSWE Smart Classroom Equipment for J211 and J265   $14,000.00 Fall
A-10-27 MGNT Smart Board to be used for Classroom & Course Tutorials   $2,000.00 Fall
A-10-03 CET Relative Density Experiment Set   $9,383.00 Fall
A-10-15 BCP Single Channel Manual Pipettes for Upper Division Biology Labs   $5,780.00 Fall
A-10-24 IT SAN for CSE network Lab   $6,582.00 Fall
I-10-01 DoIT H-203 & H-200 Presentation Technology Redesign   $44,000.00 Fall
A-10-13 BCP Demonstration Equipment for Core Physics Courses    $1,757.00 Fall
A-10-19 CSWE Equipment for Computer Forensics Image Processing & Computer & Network Forensics Classes   $9,233.00 Fall
A-10-21 CSWE Microphones for CSE Classrooms   $1,790.00 Fall
A-10-23 CSWE Adding Game Engine & Development Software for Digital Arts & Game Development Labs   $6,526.00 Fall
A-10-26 CSE J-260 Upgrade   $25,000.00 Fall
I-10-03 DoIT Adobe Master Collection for H-242 Lab   $13,729.00 Fall
S-10-05 FSAE Digital Readouts for Mill & Lathe in Competition Team Shop   $4,000.00 Fall
A-10-07 CET New Cement Mortar Cube Test System for the Construction Materials Lab   $4,229.00 Fall
A-10-08 CM H-324 Lab Upgrade  No furniture  $30,000.00 Fall
A-10-10 CM Equipment for Teaching Building Information Modeling (BIM) Component in CM Courses   $8,790.00 Fall
A-10-14 BCP Lab Equipment for Advanced Electronics Lab (PHYS 3410)    $3,460.00 Fall
A-10-33 MET New Monitors for Engineering Graphics Labs K-176   $5,000.00 Fall
A-10-38 EST Turning Point   $3,726.00 Fall
S-10-03 CS Workstations for Parallel Processing Lab  Partial Funding Option 1 $5,400.00 Fall
S-10-07 FSAE/Robotics FTP Server for Student Organizations   $7,000.00 Fall
A-10-12 BCP Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) for Chemistry and Biology Labs   $78,702.00  
A-10-32 MET Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) Package for Materials Study   $6,850.00 Fall
A-10-35 MET DasyLAB Control System Software  Fund one   $1,799.00  
A-10-40 EST H-320 Upgrade                                                                          Withdrawn by Author $15,000.00 N/A
A-10-02 CET Tablet Computer  Fund one tablet   $2,500.00  
I-10-04 DoIT Cameras for Checkout   $4,361.00  
A-10-05 CET VISUAL LEARNING TOOLS by LS-DYNA   $2,500.00  
A-10-06 CET Seismic Refraction Test Equipment   $30,830.00  
A-10-18 ETCMA Software Upgrade for J-213, Technical Writing Classroom   $7,306.00  
A-10-20 CSWE High-Performance Personal Supercomputer System for Research and Teaching  Fund 3 boards  $7,500.00  
A-10-09 CM Setup for Interactive Classroom   $7,968.00  
A-10-28 ECET Oscilloscopes and Function Generators for G-205 Controls/DSP    $30,006.00  
A-10-31 ECET NI ELVIS Integrated Laboratory Equipment for Circuits and Electronics Labs  Fund 8 units  $16,866.00  
A-10-04 CET Ground Penetrating Radar   $32,400.00  
A-10-37 FGD CTE Upgrade   $15,000.00  
A-10-39 ID Tegrity   $65,186.00  
I-10-07 DoIT Multi-Track Audio Equipment   $4,201.00  
I-10-05 DoIT HD Video Cameras for Checkout  Reduce by 2 cameras only $18,629.00  
I-10-06 DoIT Pro-Video Edit Suite  Partial funding only $12,932.00  
A-10-36 IET Textile Laboratory Equipment Service Fee   $1,700.00  
    Total FY10 Tech Fee Projects   $1,092,533.00  
A-10-01 CET AutoCAD Vault Server for School of Architecture, Civil and Construction  Not recommended for funding by TFERT  $22,608.00  
S-10-01 DoIT Digital Signage Expansion  Not recommended for funding by President  $44,500.00