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Systems Engineering

Systems & Mechanical Engineering
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What is Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary and structured approach to designing and deploying successful systems. The Systems Engineering degree blends engineering, systems thinking, and management topics. Systems Engineering addresses the business and technical needs of all stakeholders throughout the entire design process, from concept to production to operation to disposal. In this major, engineering techniques and a systems approach are combined to produce graduates who are highly valued for their problem solving and managerial skills.

What can I do with this degree when I graduate?

Graduates of this program will understand the multidisciplinary fundamentals of engineering and possess strong team skills to solve complex problems that cross disciplinary boundaries. They will understand current technology, but also be creative thinkers and have the flexibility to change with technology. They will be able to create sustainable systems, to adapt to the new global context and be empowered for lifelong learning.

Graduates can look forward to employment in the defense, space, transportation, energy and telecommunications industries, as well as many other fields that look for the knowledge and skills necessary to engineer large and complex systems.

I’ve never heard of Systems Engineering. Is it a recognized field?

Yes. Most Systems Engineering programs in the United States are at the graduate level. Undergraduate university programs in Systems Engineering are much rarer, but growing. The Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, the accreditation agency for engineering programs in the United States, now is considering developing specific criteria for Systems Engineering.

When did it start?

Freshman were accepted starting Fall of 2009 and freshman-level courses will be offered that semester.  Our first graduate was in Spring 2013.

Is it hard?

Graduates in the area of Systems Engineering will be required to master technical elements and to demonstrate particular competence in the areas of probability, statistics, modeling, computer programming, and system design. The broad-based background is tailored to develop professionals who will be able to move between the technical and managerial aspects of engineering and to serve in key leadership positions.

What is the curriculum like?

Approximately the first two years of study are common with other fields of engineering and include several semesters of Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and core Engineering coursework.   In the last two years, the focus shifts to more Systems Engineering specific courses.

Is this an engineering degree or an engineering technology degree?

It is an engineering degree designed according to the accreditation requirements of the EAC of ABET.

Is this program ABET accredited?

Yes, the Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

I'm already enrolled as a student at SPSU. How do I change majors?

To change your major you can stop by the SME Office in Q-128 and pick up a change of major form. Fill it out and leave it for us to process.

What if I have more questions; who do I contact?

Contact Dr. Renee Butler, Department Chair for the Systems and Mechanical Engineering Department by e-mail: or phone: 678-915-5414.  Also, you can check out our website at /systemseng/.