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Bathtub Race:  "Legend has it that in 1966 a fraternity... found a discarded bathtub which wheels were added, and it was filled with ice.  When a second fraternity chanced to see the rolling tub, a challenge was issued for a race. A date was set, and the race took place with something of a festive atmosphere.  This activity then quickly grew into a campus-wide event." (Bennett, 1997) The event ended in 1991 and was restarted in 2010.  Since then the event has been slowly growing.

Goat Night:  Legend has it that years ago a member of a previous administration became so frustrated with a problem one day that he symbolized the frustration by locking a goat up on campus near the administration building, which today was affectionately known as "the goat shed" by students.

Greek Week:  Each Spring the University's Fraternities and Sororities come together in a week of friendly competition ranging from chili cook-offs to tug-a-war to dodgeball.

Homecoming:  Homecoming week at Southern Polytechnic State University is an experience and tradition the students look forward to each year. The homecoming committee brings organizations together on campus to enjoy the tradition of homecoming through spirited events and memorable     moments. The week consists of afternoon and evening events on campus, along with the parade and celebration at the end of the week, and the crowning of king and queen during halftime at the basketball game on Saturday.

Pi Day:  SPSU's newest tradition, Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14... that's why it's celebrated on March 14!

Pumpkin Launch: Teams launch three pumpkins from devices that they have built. Pumpkins will be judged on distance and/or accuracy

SPSU Live:  SPSU Live is a student planning committee that brings bands to campus for our fall outdoor concert during welcome week. They have worked with bands and performers like Corey Smith, The Zac Brown Band, Sister Hazel, Chiddy Bang, 3LAU, Chris Cauley, & The Far East Movement

The Rock: "A natural piece of exposed limestone in the center of campus."  (Bennett, 1997) Special rules govern the painting of this campus landmark.