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Student Fees

Technology Fee

The Tech Fee funds long-term, large-scale projects that provide a direct benefit to student learning. These projects are more than individual equipment purchase requests, rather these are large projects that directly support student learning and are aligned with SPSU or Academic School or Division goals. Ideal projects should have a broad impact on campus academics, support interdisciplinary exploration, and directly impact a significant population of students. The Tech Fee Committee is responsible for all expenditures from the Technology Fee.

Activity Fee

An important part of campus life is the range of activities that are available outside of the classroom and laboratory. Many of these activities including student organizations, programs and activities of the Student Life Office, and the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center are funded through the activity fee. The Student Government Association allocates the Activity fee, with oversight from the Student Life Committee.

Recreation Fee

The Department of Recreational Sports maintains a comprehensive program of activities to meet the recreational needs of the Southern Polytechnic community.  The Recreational Sports programs are designed so that people of all fitness and skill levels can participate in activities that are fun and rewarding. The Director of Recreational Sports is responsible for all expenditures from the Recreation Fee.

Athletic Fee

Every student enrolled in classes is required to pay a student athletic fee. The student athletic fee is used in direct support of the University's intercollegiate athletic program including basketball, baseball, soccer, and athletic facilities improvement. The Director of Athletics is responsible for preparing the annual athletic budget for the approval by the University President. The Director of Athletics is responsible for all expenditures from the athletic budget.

Health Fee

A nurse is on duty, in the Recreation & Wellness Center, to take care of minor illnesses and emergencies.  There is a physician available by appointment only to treat illnesses not requiring lab tests or X-Ray on Mondays and Wednesdays during the academic semesters. If further treatment is necessary you may be referred to WellStar Urgent Care Center ( Delk Road), or an emergency room. All enrolled on-campus students are eligible for $100 reimbursement per semester for services rendered at Wellstar Delk Road Urgent Care. The reimbursement form and receipt must be turned in to the nurse’s office before the end of the semester. The clinic is stocked with over the counter medicines, and is available to the students free of charge. We also have various types of bandages and crutches for loan. The Director of Recreational Sports is responsible for all expenditures of the health fee.

Transportation/Facilities Fee

The transportation/facilities fee is in place to cover the costs of the roads, parking lots, and parking structures on the Southern Polytechnic campus. Regardless if a student has a vehicle on campus or not, all are responsible for the infrastructure of campus.

Institution Fee

The budget reductions in Fiscal Year 2009 resulted in the Board of Regents approving a temporary Special Institutional Fee which is a mandatory fee applying to all students except those specifically exempted The Special Institutional Fee will be considered as continuing, and will be re-evaluated annually as part of the Board’s normal review of tuition and fees.


For more information regarding Student Fees, please visit the Board of Regents Policy Manual: Mandatory Student Fees