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Dean of Students

Please send your student concerns to:
Ron Koger,
Special Assistant to the President


Theft Notice

Over the past month, there have been 11 reports of thefts occurring in various campus locations such as the Recreation Center, Student Center, and Library.  This includes things like cell phones, iPads, Hornet Cards, cash, and other personal belongings.  Most commonly, these incidents involve students, faculty, or staff leaving personal items unsecured and unattended (such as underneath a sweatshirt on a bench or in an unlocked locker).  This allows a perpetrator to easily pick up the personal item and walk away unnoticed.  Please be vigilant in securing your personal property.  


Do not leave personal items unattended or unsecured.

When using facilities such as the Rec Center, utilize a lock on a locker.

Where possible, leave valuable items in your locked dorm room, office or car.


Medical Withdrawals

Students may voluntarily withdraw from the University for any reason prior to the midpoint of the term.  After the midpoint of the term, the Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services may grant a voluntary medical withdrawal to students who are able to demonstrate medical or psychological reasons that prevent or detrimentally interfere with the student's ability to continue studies at the time.  Except under unusual circumstances, withdrawals for medical or psychological reasons must be made for all courses.  An approved medical or psychological withdrawal will result in a grade of W for all courses.  Requests for voluntary medical withdrawals must be made within the term that the withdrawal is requested. 

Medical withdrawals will be granted for a specified period and return may be contingent on the satisfaction of certain conditions.   If applicable, a student withdrawal agreement may specify the reasons for and period of withdrawal, detail any conditions necessary for reinstatement, and provide that a hold will be placed on the student's registration status until the student is eligible for reinstatement. 

Due to state and federal laws regarding various funding sources, the student may  or may not be eligible for any monetary refund.   If a withdrawal is granted, the Federal government may require a recalculation of financial aid eligibility. 

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