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Meeting Minutes 11-14-11


 Staff Council Minutes

 November 14, 2011

 11:30 AM – Student Center Ballroom

 Present: Jeff Bernard, Barry Birkhead (Advisor), Jenny Brown, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Sharon Hodge, Bennie Sue Houck, Erika Kegler, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, & Nikki Palamiotis

 Absent: Sheri Adebayo, Rashaad Graham, Mary Phillips (Advisor), & Arthur Vaughn

 Guests: Susan Bentzen-Gordet

 1. Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 11:38 am by Bobby Burk.

 2. Budget

Bobby reported that a total of $216.96 was spent on food at the yearly Staff Council Retreat in August. This sum came from the Foundation account, which has a balance of $2486.04.

The pink flowers given to breast cancer survivors on campus (cost of $30.00) were paid for from the Agency account.

 3. New Business

 a) P&P Updates

Ø Bobby was informed that the P&P for Purchases with State Funds was revised. For more information, drafts of the new P&Ps can be viewed online.

 b) Committee Reports

 i. By-law Committee

 o The By-law Committee, consisting of Jeffery Bernard and Alberta Cook, met and made recommended changes to the existing Staff Council By-laws. They submitted their proposed revisions to all SC members prior to the meeting for review.

o Each recommended change was discussed among those present at the SC meeting. Additional changes were suggested along with clarification of existing phrases.

o The title of one subsection was discussed and debated at length. A vote was taken to use the title “Leadership Liaison” and passed with a vote of 9:1.

o Jeff will update the revised SC By-laws and send them to the secretary, Stephanie McCartney for distribution to the entire SPSU Staff. According to the existing By-laws, all staff members have 15 days to make any objections or recommendations to the SC chair before a final vote of the SC to accept the revisions.

 ii. Donated Leave Program

 o Rashaad Graham, Ann Lay, and Bobby met with Quint Hill in Human Resources to discuss adding clarifications to the documents associated with the Donated Leave Program in order to prevent misuse.

o Each recommended change was discussed among those present at the SC meeting.

o Ann moved that the changes be accepted. The motion was seconded by Nikki Palamiotis and approved unanimously.

 iii. Lee Denim Day

 o Ann thanked everyone involved with helping to make

Lee Denim Day a success on the SPSU campus. A total of $391.00 was collected and donated to the charity.

 c) Spring 2012 Meetings

Ø A general consensus was reached that Staff Council meetings for the Spring and Summer of 2012 would be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm beginning in January. Bobby volunteered to schedule a location for each meeting (most likely the Student Center Ballroom).

o January 10

o February 14

o March 13

o April 10

o May 8

o June 12

o July 10

 4. Open Agenda

 a) Childcare Possibilities

o Jenny Brown contacted the childcare services on Life University’s campus. The facility is called Bright Life and managed by Bright Horizons.

o The facility sets priority for Life University employees and students. There is a 47 child maximum. They are open from 6:30 am until 7:00 pm.

o They would not discuss pricing over the phone; however, they mentioned there was a $100.00 registration fee and no discount for siblings.

o Jenny, Susan Bentzen-Gurdet, Bennie Sue Houck, and Erika Kegler volunteered to look at the facility.

 5. Movement to adjourn meeting

 The meeting was adjourned at 12:41 pm.


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