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Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 10-10-11

  Staff Council Minutes

 October 10, 2011

 11:30 AM – Student Center Ballroom

 Present: Jeff Bernard, Barry Birkhead (Advisor), Jenny Brown, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Rashaad Graham, Sharon Hodge, Bennie Sue Houck, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, & Arthur Vaughn

 Absent: Sheri Adebayo, Erika Kegler, Nikki Palamiotis, & Mary Phillips (Advisor)

 Guests: Sharon Hamrick

 1. Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 11:36 am by Bobby Burk.

 2. Review Minutes

Jeff Bernard moved that the minutes from the previous Staff Council meeting be approved. The motion was seconded by Ann Lay. The minutes were unanimously approved.

 3. Budget

Bobby reported that the Staff Council Foundation account holds $2703.00 and the Agency account holds $2798.00.

The question of closing the Agency account was raised again. It had previously been decided that the Agency account would be closed and the funds be transferred to the Staff Council Foundation account. This process is not as simplistic as it sounds; therefore, any expenses incurred by the Staff Council will be covered by funds in the Agency account until the balance has been reduced to $0.00. At this point, the account will be closed.

 4. New Business

 a) P&P Updates

Ø Bobby was informed that two different P&Ps were being updated: 1. Budget Adjustments; and 2. Non-fee payments by students. For more information, drafts of the new P&Ps can be viewed online.

b) Committee Reports

 i. Smoking P&P

 o The constituents from the Smoking P&P committee (Bobby and Stephanie McCartney) reported that the original P&P had not actually been approved by the campus. Therefore, the draft agreed upon by the Smoking P&P committee would be sent to the Faculty Senate for approval.

 ii. Lee National Denim Day

 o Ann reported that the committee for Lee National Denim Day, which consists of Bennie Sue Houck and Sharon Hodge, met on Friday, October 7th. During the meeting, the committee members organized dates and times for members of Staff Council to collect donations from faculty, staff, and students on campus. The dates included: October 11, 13, 25, & 27. A table for the event would be set up in the lobbies of the Student Center, the J-Building, and the Q-Building from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.

o Pink balloons and other materials for the event tables would be stored in Bobby’s office.

o Donations could be taken as either cash or cheque. Cheques could be made out to: Lee Denim Day. A minimum donation of $5.00 was requested; however, any amount would be appreciated. Those who donated at least $5.00 would receive a pink ribbon pin.

o Pink roses were distributed by Ann and Bennie to those SPSU employees who are breast cancer survivors. The flowers were obtained from Marietta Flowers.

iii. By-laws

o Jeff reviewed the current SPSU SC By-laws and found several by-laws in need of updates and/or changes.

o The committee was to meet immediately after the SC meeting in order to start discussing some changes and to set up a series of meetings to work on the by-laws.

iv. Staff Incentives

o Ann met with Quint Hill from Human Resources to further discuss ideas for staff incentives.

o Both agreed the current incentives such as TAP, Donated Sick Leave, etc. need to be advertised better among new and existing staff.

 Ø There seems to be a large misconception about the way Donated Sick Leave (DSL) is to be distributed and used. While the P&P and the DSL form found on the HR website give explicit criteria explaining the purpose and distribution of DSL, the request for donated time is being abused.

 o The idea for childcare for SPSU employees and students was discussed. Quint suggested getting information from other nearby universities about how they set-up and run/partner with a childcare group. Jenny suggested a possible partnership with Life University since they already have a program in place. She will inquire about their current program and report the information at the next meeting.

 o The question of having something more than the annual Outstanding Staff Member Award was raised among the SC members.

Ø Arthur suggested a Great Employee of the Month (GEM) award. Essentially, the Vice Presidents of each division would receive feedback about their staff members concerning things such as “outstanding customer service.” From those pools of possible staff members, either the VP can choose or the Staff Council can vote on a GEM for each division (for a total of 5 per month). The prize for those staff members would be something small (perhaps a trophy?) and a group lunch with President Lisa Rossbacher and the VPs.

c) Statewide Staff Council update

o Bobby, Alberta, and Ann attended the Statewide Staff Council (SWSC) meeting at the University of Georgia (UGA) and reported that the two day meeting was quite successful.

o The SWSC voted to move forward with trying to get recognized by the USG-BoR.

o The SWSC received another Presidential Endorsement from a total of 25 out of 35 USG institutions.

 Ø President Rossbacher was among the university presidents that endorsed the SWSC.

 5. Open Agenda

 a) Presence at Faculty Senate meetings

 o It was agreed that SC should have a presence at the Faculty Senate meetings and to extend an invitation for a similar presence of faculty at SC meetings.

o Alberta Cook volunteered to attend the next Faculty Senate meeting.

 b) Upcoming Statewide Staff Council meetings

 i. SPSU will host the July 2012 general meeting of the SWSC.

ii. Next year’s SWSC conference would be jointly hosted by Georgia Southern University and Savannah State

University in Statesboro, GA. It was discussed that SPSU SC should make a good showing by sending several members to the conference.

iii. Alberta suggested SPSU “throw their hat in” to bid for the October 2016 SWSC Conference. Bobby said that he’d already submitted a bid but that other universities had submitted theirs as well. The location would be decided upon by the SWSC members.

 c) Passenger van for official SPSU use

 o The question of owning/purchasing a 20 (or so) passenger van for official SPSU use was raised.

o Arthur explained that state funds would not allow for the purchase of any vehicles due to the maintenance costs (among other reasons); however, vans can be rented from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

o It was suggested that perhaps vehicle magnets could be made/purchased to put on those vehicles being used for official SPSU business. It would also help with advertising the university. Arthur will inquire if this is possible.

6. Movement to adjourn meeting

Jeff moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Arthur. Alberta mentioned that SC never voted on whether they would bid for the SWSC conference for October 2016. The motion failed with a vote of 1 yea and 3 nays.

Alberta moved that SPSU SC bid to host the October 2016 SWSC Conference. Jenny seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Jenny, then, moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Jeff and was unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:38 pm.


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