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Staff Council Minutes

September 11, 2012

11:30 AM – A-204


Present:  Tara Adams, Cinthia Barnett, Jeff Bernard, Barry Birckhead (Advisor), Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Sharon Hodge, Ann Lay, & Stephanie McCartney


Absent:  Jenny Brown, Lyndon Pitman, & Arthur Vaughn


Guests:  Susan Bentzen-Gordet


1. Welcome

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:37 am by Bobby Burk.


2. Budget

  • Foundation Account:  $4364.98
  • Agency Account:  $2518.00
  • Money in the amount of $150.18 was taken from the Foundation Account in order to pay for the retreat.


3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  • August 2012 Minutes – approved


4. New Business

  • Training Questions                   (Alberta Cook)

i.   An administrative assistant contacted Alberta concerning the need for general training on computer programs required for successful completion of job responsibilities.

  • Banner training, etc.                 (Sharon Hodge)

i.  An e-mail from Susan Bentzen-Gordet to Sharon specifically requested Banner training.  A training course has not been offered in years and there are several new administrative assistants (AAs) who need general training as well as experienced AAs that need a refresher course.

ii.  Upon discussion on the issues of training, a subcommittee was organized to determine the feasibility of offering training courses in Banner, iStrategy, and Degree Works for staff members.  The subcommittee consists of:  Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Sharon Hodge, and Ann Lay.

  • Phyllis Eubanks e-mail                        (Sharon Hodge)i. i.   Several concerns were raised in an e-mail from Phyllis Eubanks to Sharon.
    • There is a rumor that new-hire AAs are coming in at a pay rate higher than that of existing (experienced) AAs.  This issue will be further discussed at the next meeting with the hopes that Quint Hill from Human Resources (HR) can clarify these rumors.
    • Training is needed in such programs as iStrategy.  This issue was lumped with the previous training questions.
    • Phyllis is interested in attending the University System of Georgia Staff Council (USG-SC) Conference; however, she is concerned about travel expenses and the possibility of funding.  Sharon will discuss with her the possibility of receiving funding from PDF.


  • Donated Leave Policy (DLP)               (Ann Lay)

 i.   An error was discovered in the “Donation of Leave” section.  Ann will fix it and submit it via e-mail for approval by the SC.

ii.   The next steps include approval from the Faculty Senate.  Their next meeting is September 20, 2012.  Ann will contact Meg Dillon to have it put on the agenda.

  • Lee Denim Day                       (Ann)

 i.      Ann sent around a sign-up sheet for Monday (10/8), Tuesday (10/9), and Wednesday (10/10) for SC members to volunteer an hour of their time in one of the various locations around campus.

ii.     Individually wrapped cookies or cupcakes will be available in exchange for donations.

iii.    Balloons will be blown up by Bobby to decorate the tables

iv.    Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon pins are to be given away to those who donate a minimum of $5.00.

v.    “In honor of…” donations are available.  Cheques can be made out to:  National Lee Denim Day.

vi.    Pink flowers will be ordered and given to any and all SPSU employees who are survivors of breast cancer.

vii.   A work order will be placed for a table and 2 chairs for each location.

  • Wellness Program                    (Ann)

i.    A payroll deduction can be done in order to pay the $30/semester membership for the SPSU Recreation and Wellness Center.

ii.    A table will be set up at the Benefits fair to educate SPSU employees about the Wellness Program.  The Benefits fair is on October 25th.

  • University System of Georgia Staff Council (USG-SC) Conference

i.     The conference is October 2nd through October 3rd.

ii.     The hotel cost is $79.00/room each night.

  • Parking

i.    A petition has been circulating amongst the Q and E buildings regarding re-designating Lot 30 as a Faculty/Staff only lot.  It is currently designated a Commuter Lot.

ii.    Auxiliary Services will send a representative to the Staff Open forum to answer the general questions regarding parking (sent in advance) and take extra questions for clarification purposes.

  • Staff Open Forum

 i.     Set for September 25th at noon.  Location TBD.

  • Dr. Bill Barnes, Dean of ACM

 i.       With the recent death of Dr. Bill Barnes, a memorial fund for scholarship has been created.  Donations can be given via the Foundation.


Movement to adjourn meeting

  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 pm.
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