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Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 07-21-11

 Staff Council Minutes

 July 21, 2011

 2:00 PM – Student Center A-213

 Present: Jeff Bernard, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Jenny Cotton, Sharon Hodge, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, & Nikki Palamiotis

 Absent: Sheri Adebayo, Rashaad Graham, Bennie Sue Houck, Erika Kegler, & Arthur Vaughn

 Guests: none


The meeting was called to order at 2:07 pm by Jeff Bernard. Jeff congratulated and welcomed returning and newly elected members and led introductions for all present.

A quorum was established for voting purposes.


Budget Update

Bobby Burk provided the budget update:

o Agency Account Balance: $2,823.00

o Foundation Account Balance: $203.00


New Business

a. Discuss issues with this election and the election results.

Jeff lamented that the election procedure for the 2011-2012 Staff Council officers did not progress as smoothly as past elections. The main reason was that the majority of the 2010-2011 officers were up for re-election. Since the bylaws state “the Staff Council members who intend to run for re-election will not be allowed to serve on the nomination and election sub-committee,” there was a lack of leadership in the appointment of members to serve on the nomination and election sub-committee. Pierrette Maillet was asked by Jeff to chair the sub-committee. It was agreed upon by all present that she performed the duties excellently given the time constraints.

b. Nominations and Elections of new Executive Board


o Alberta Cook

o Bobby Burk – elected

Vice Chair and Treasurer

o Alberta Cook – elected by acclamation


o Sharon Hodge (refused nomination)

o Ann Lay (refused nomination)

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