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Meeting Minutes

SPSU Staff Council
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Staff Council Minutes
May 08, 2012
11:00 AM – A-204

Present: Barry Birckhead (Advisor), Jenny Brown, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Sharon Hodge, Bennie Sue Houck, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, Nikki Palamiotis, & Arthur Vaughn
Absent: Jeff Bernard, Rashaad Graham, Mary Phillips (Advisor),
Guests: none

1. Welcome The meeting was called to order at 11:09 am by Bobby Burk.

2. Budget Bobby reported that $32.91 was spent in order for Pierrette Maillet to join in on a conference call for the Statewide Staff Council (SWSC).

o Foundation Account: $2453.13

o Agency Account: $2768.00

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

a) April 2012 Minutes

i. Nikki Palamiotis moved the April minutes be approved. Bennie Sue Houck seconded the motion. The motion passed with only Arthur Vaughn abstaining.

4. New Business

a) Outstanding Staff Award Committee (Alberta Cook)

i. From all of the nominated staff members, the following were awarded with the Outstanding Staff Award for 2011-2012:

o Jolene Istas (Budget Office)

o Joe Momoh (Facilities)

o Amanda Traylor (Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology)

b) Donated Leave Policy (Ann Lay)

i. There is no update at this time.

ii. Ann will get the information about the new Faculty Moderator from Pamela Frinzi in order to get the DLP approval vote on the first meeting agenda for the Faculty Senate in Fall 2012.

c) Administrative Professional’s Day (Ann)


i. Approximately 40 administrative professionals attended the day’s events.

ii. Dr. Susan Christy gave the keynote at the APD luncheon. Her talk was specialized to the SPSU administrative professionals.

iii. Ann suggested that a letter be sent to Mary Ellen and Dr. Bill Prigge to thank them for supplying the necessary financial support from the Professional Development Fund (PDF) to bring in Dr. Christy.

iv. The only other expenses to be paid for the APD luncheon included Dr. Christy’s book and the catered lunch. The total for both is $1018.00.

v. Arthur Vaughn moved that the expenses be paid from the SC Agency account. Nikki seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

d) Degree Completion Program (Arthur)

i. Arthur noted a similar program is already in place at several other USG colleges and universities and suggested it would greatly improve moral and ambition amongst the SPSU staff members

ii. Essentially, a DCP would provide a permanent increase in salary for the completion of a degree (GED, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.) with pre-approval from the staff member’s respective Vice President.

iii. No money would be spent from the SC budget. The funds would come from the staff member’s respective departmental budget at the beginning of the next fiscal year after degree completion.

iv. The Faculty have a similar program, which helps to strengthen the case for passing a DCP for staff members.

v. Arthur has volunteered to write out the program policies based on those from other colleges and universities in the USG system (i.e., Middle Georgia College and Gainesville State).

vi. Nikki suggested those staff members who have completed and received degrees be recognized at the yearly award ceremony.

vii. All those present were VERY supportive of the plan.

5. Open Agenda

a) 2012-2013 Staff Council Election Committee (Bobby Burk)

i. Bobby passed out an updated (as of 05/04/2012) IPEDS group list for all staff members at SPSU.

ii. Human Resources re-numbered the IPEDS group designations. In order for the SC By-laws to reflect the new member definition numbers, Nikki moved the By-laws be updated

to reflect the same designation numbers as HR. The motion was seconded by Alberta and unanimously approved.

iii. The 2012-2013 SC Election Committee includes: Jenny Brown, Alberta Cook, & Sharon Hodge.

iv. A call will go out for nominations of people to serve in the following IPEDS groups:

IPEDS      # of Reps to Elect
1                        1
3                        1
5                        1
6                        1
7                        1
8                        4

v. As soon as nominations are received, the election committee will ensure all nominees qualify based on the SC By-laws. An electronic voting system will be utilized to allow all SPSU staff members the chance to vote for those nominated within their own IPEDS group.

vi. New members to the SPSU SC will be elected by July 1st and invited to the July 10th meeting before officially rolling on to serve at the August 2012 meeting.

6. Movement to adjourn meeting The meeting was adjourned at 11:57 am.

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