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Staff Council Minutes

March 28, 2013

1:30 PM – A-213


Present:  Tara Adams, Cinthia Barnett, Jeff Bernard, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, & Lyndon Pitman


Absent:  Barry Birckhead, Jenny Brown, Sharon Hodge, & Arthur Vaughn


Guests:  none


1. Welcome

  • The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm by Bobby Burk.


2. Budget

  • Foundation Account:  $4341.98
  • Agency Account:  $2518.00


3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  • February minutes had not yet been circulated for review.  They will be approved at the April meeting.


4. New Business

  • Alana Kyriakakis                     (New SPSU Counsel)

i.            Bobby is to meet with the new SPSU Counsel to update P&P2010.0 to include SC in certain P&P approvals (those which involve SPSU Staff).

  • Open Forum                                        (Bobby)

i.            President Lisa Rossbacher and the Senior Staff are in favor of an open forum with a set of pre-approved questions and topics.

ii.            The following days will be presented to President Rossbacher, et. al. (in order of preference) for the open forum:  April 22nd, April 23rd, April 16th, or April 18th

iii.            The time will be 11:30 til 12:30.

  • Georgia State Legislature                     (Bobby)

i.            The state legislature will be voting on a bill that would allow concealed weapons to be carried on college campuses.

ii.            All USG presidents signed a letter that informed the legislature that they were all satisfied with the current law that allows weapons to be locked in personal vehicles; however, does not allow them to be carried on campus.

  • Administrative Professional’s Day       (Ann Lay)

i.            Ann and Sharon Hodge met with Catering to plan the menu.

  • entrée:  chicken salad, veggie, tuna salad, turkey, ham, roast beef as either wraps or sandwiches
  • pasta or potato salad with each entrée
  • cookies for dessert
  • beverages:  tea (sweet & un-sweet) and water

ii.            President Rossbacher has been asked to attend and give a few words of welcome.

iii.            The luncheon will be held in the Executive Dining Room.

iv.            Jenny Brown is working on a flyer invitation.  The RSVP deadline is April 22nd @ noon.

v.            Since Dr. Ron Koger is paying for the speaker, SC will only be paying for food (~50 people -- $400) and a small gift for the speaker.  Bobby suggested an SPSU emblazoned item from the bookstore.  SC approved that no more than $45 be spent.

vi.            Ann is working on name badges and a program.

vii.            The committee is also organizing decorations à balloons on the tables, potted plants (to be given away as door prizes).

  • Outstanding Staff Awards        (Alberta Cook)

i.            The committee met and chose three winners from a pool of twelve nominations.  The names have been sent to Quint Hill in Human Resources for the Service Awards Ceremony on April 24th.

ii.            It was suggested that an online form be made available next year (along with the paper form) to perhaps increase nominations.

  • SC Elections                            (Jeff Bernard)

i.            After May 1st, Jeff will ask for a list of all SPSU staff employees in order to begin the process of electing new members to the council.


Movement to adjourn meeting

  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:12 pm.
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