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Meeting Minutes

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Staff Council Minutes

March 13, 2012

11:00 AM – Student Center Ballroom

Present: Jeff Bernard, Barry Birkhead (Advisor), Jenny Brown, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Sharon Hodge, Bennie Sue Houck, Erika Kegler, Ann Lay, Stephanie McCartney, & Nikki Palamiotis

Absent: Rashaad Graham, Mary Phillips (Advisor), & Arthur Vaughn

Guests: none

1. Welcome The meeting was called to order at 11:11 am by Bobby Burk.

2. Budget Bobby reported that there were no expenditures since the February meeting. The current account balances are as follows:

o Foundation Account: $2486.04

o Agency Account: $2768.00

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

a) February 2012 Minutes

i. An editorial change from “State-wide Staff Council” to “University System of Georgia Staff Council” (USG-SC) was noted by Alberta Cook.
ii. With the mentioned change, Jeff Bernard moved the February minutes be approved. Sharon Hodge seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

4. New Business

a) SPSU Staff Council Bylaw Revisions
i. With the presence of 83% of the Staff Council attending the meeting, Alberta moved the revisions of the SPSU SC bylaws be approved. The motion was seconded by Ann and passed unanimously.

b) Outstanding Staff Award Committee (Alberta)

i. With the revisions to the SPSU SC bylaws, Alberta announced the OSA Committee would consist of herself as chair, the 2011 Award recipients (Helen Spevak, Cliff Yeager, and Donna Zeigler), and Arthur Vaughn.

ii. The deadline for receiving nominations is April 2, 2012.

iii. The OSA Committee will meet on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 to review the nominations and discuss those who should be the three 2012 awardees.

iv. The award ceremony is April 23, 2012.

v. The 2012 awardees will receive an award of $500 and a plaque.

vi. Nikki Palamiotis moved to amend the nomination form in such a way as the nominator may chose to allow the nominated staff member to see the form after the awards are announced.

o Jenny Brown seconded the motion.

o The form amendment passed with the only dissenting vote from Alberta.
vii. Nikki moved to not publically acknowledge all nominated staff members, but to send a congratulatory e-mail or letter from the OSA Committee as well as the form, if applicable.

o Alberta seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

c) Donated Leave Policy (Ann Lay)

i. Ann e-mailed Bill Prigge and Mary Philips regarding the revisions to the DLP. Bill responded by stating that it had gone to Senior Staff but must be reviewed by President Lisa Rossbacher.

ii. A member of the Senior Staff questioned why donated leave could not be donated from a subordinate to their direct supervisor. Ann and Mary discussed this issue and believed it to be a conflict of interest; however, Ann would take the question to Quint Hill in Human Resources for further discussion.

iii. Alberta raised the question of whether a supervisor should be able to donate leave to a direct subordinate. Much debate ensued but was unresolved during the meeting. Ultimately, a motion was not made to further revise that section of the DLP either in favor or against.

iv. If the revisions to the DLP are approved by President Rossbacher, the next step would be to send it to the Faculty Senate for their approval.

d) Administrative Professional’s Day (Alberta)

i. Alberta noted that the Social and Community Building Committee (SCBC) did not want to combine efforts with the SC. They were simply inquiring as to whether their efforts to recognize SPSU’s Administrative staff were not directly duplicated.

ii. Nikki posed the question as to how those staff members being recognized were determined. All those in IPEDS group #6 are considered to be Administrative Professional Staff. A couple of other staff members from other IPEDS groups were also included because of their specific job titles.

iii. Stephanie McCartney’s contact for a possible speaker was already scheduled at another conference that week.

iv. Jenny offered several ideas on speakers:

o The President’s office was currently investigating possibly bringing in a speaker to discuss “First Impressions and Branding.” A possibility would be to invite that person with the help of the president’s office.

o A previous program was “True Colors,” which allowed people to see how their personalities coincided with others in their office, department, etc.

o If SC wanted/needed to conserve funds, there were several on campus resources that could be utilized to make for great speakers that would be informative and entertaining.

v. Alberta stated that she would e-mail Ron Koger for any ideas.

vi. Bobby would shortly be attending a meeting about Student Life and would see if anything would relate to APD for SPSU.
vii. Bobby will send out an e-mail to all those in IPEDS #6 to “Save the Date” of April 25, 2012.

e) Degree Completion Program (Arthur)

i. Although not attending the meeting, Arthur sent an e-mail for SC to discuss regarding the creation of a policy for Degree Completion for Faculty and Staff.
ii. Discussion ensued about the merits of salary adjustments for those staff (and faculty) members who complete degrees while working at SPSU. Further discussion will ensue at a later meeting.

5. Open Agenda

a) Wellness Center Fee (Nikki)

i. Nikki suggested the fee for staff (and faculty) to use the Wellness Center on campus be cut.

ii. Much discussion ensued as to the feasibility of asking for such a cut and propositions for how much less staff (and faculty) should pay.

iii. Jenny suggested a survey be taken to determine who on staff utilizes the Wellness Center each semester. With that number in mind, perhaps SC could budget the money to pay for them to attend the Wellness Center for free for a semester.

iv. All members thought it wise to invite Kellie Blosser to the next meeting to discuss the options.

6. Movement to adjourn meeting The meeting was adjourned at 12:27 pm.

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