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Staff Council Minutes

February 28, 2013

2:00 PM – A-204


Present:  Cinthia Barnett, Jeff Bernard, Bobby Burk, Alberta Cook, Stephanie McCartney, & Lyndon Pitman


Absent:  Tara Adams, Barry Birckhead, Jenny Brown, Sharon Hodge, Ann Lay, & Arthur Vaughn


Guests:  none


1. Welcome

  • The meeting was called to order at 2:12 pm by Bobby Burk.


2. Budget

  • Foundation Account:  $4341.98
  • Agency Account:  $2518.00


3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  • January 2013 Minutes – approved by all in attendance.


4. New Business

  • Mary Phillips                           (Bobby)

i.            Mary sent a thank you note for her retirement present (an engraved clock).

  • Administrative Professional’s Day       (April 25, 2013)

i.            There was a conflict in scheduling the events for APD as the SPSU Service Awards Ceremony (lead by Quint Hill from Human Resources) was already scheduled for April 24th.  Therefore, APD will be celebrated on April 25th (the ballroom has been reserved).

ii.            The committee (Jenny Brown, Sharon Hodge, and Ann Lay) talked to Dr. Ron Koger, who agreed to pay for the speaker.

iii.            Margaret from Skill Path will come and speak during the APD luncheon

v.            Staff Council will pay for the food and other minor expenses.

  • Open Forum                                        (Bobby)

 i.            President Lisa Rossbacher is in favor of an open forum and will discuss it with the Senior Staff.

ii.            A list of general topics and questions need to be prepared.  Each SC member will ask their constituents for input.

  • Benefits Changes                     (Bobby)

i.            It was suggested that President Rossbacher attend a SC meeting in order to explain the latest updated changes to benefits.  It was then suggested that this could be done at the open forum.

  • P&P 2010.0                             (Bobby)

 i.            This P&P deals with how all P&Ps on campus are approved.

ii.            Bobby is suggesting that it be amended to include SC in presenting new P&Ps (since it has been done before) and approving those that involve staff.

  • Pay Scales

 i.            There is concern that new hires are making more money than existing employees based on the lack of cost-of-living raises over the past several years.

ii.            Another concern is that a staff member making a lateral job move does not receive an increase in salary even if a new hire would receive a base pay that is higher. 

iii.            The Georgia State Legislature is voting on the state budget in January.  President Rossbacher is awaiting the outcome in order to address pay issues.

  • Outstanding Staff Awards        (Alberta Cook)

 i.            An initial meeting has been set for the OSA committee to send out nomination applications.


Movement to adjourn meeting

  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.
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