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Elections Procedures

Staff Council Election Procedure

Election Committee


The Chair of Staff Council will appoint an election committee of at least three (3) Staff Council members by the April meeting. Staff Council members who intend to run for re-election will not be allowed to serve on the election committee. In addition, the Staff Council Vice Chair serves ex-officio as the Election Committee Chair. If the Staff Council Vice Chair intends to run for reelection, the Staff Council Chair will appoint an Election Committee Chair.


IPEDS Listing and Eligibility


The federal government’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) categories will be used to determine who can be elected to represent University staff members on Staff Council. The Election Committee Chair will contact the Human Resources Office and request two (2) lists of current staff members, broken down by IPEDS categories. One list will include all current full-time permanent staff members and their start dates. The second list will include only those staff members who are eligible to be nominated for a Staff Council position. The Chair will request that the Human Resources staff generate the lists on May 1. The Election Committee will check both lists for accuracy as defined by the Staff Council bylaws by noting the following:


-       Any person who is employed on a temporary basis shall be excluded.

-       Promotions, demotions, and title changes that occurred during the previous twelve (12) months shall be reflected in the list. If a change occurs after May 1st, it shall not be reflected on the list.

-       Only permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees are eligible to vote.

-       A staff member must be a permanent full-time employee of Southern Polytechnic State

University by May 1st of the fiscal year in which the election is held to be eligible for nomination to Staff Council.




The Election Committee will count the number of staff members in each IPEDS group to determine the number of Staff Council representatives needed. Groups will have one (1) representative for every twenty (20) staff members. (1-20 staff members will have 1 representative, 21-40 staff members will have 2 representatives, 41-60 staff members will have 3 representatives, 61-80 staff members will have 4 representatives, etc.)


The IPEDS groups are:


Group I: Executive/Administrative (excluding school deans and academic department

chairs, members of the President’s Senior Staff and Director/Administrative Library)

Group III: Professional

Group V: Clerical

Group VI: Technical/paraprofessional

Group VII: Skilled Craft

Group VIII: Service/Maintenance


Nomination List


Blank Nomination Forms with a list of eligible nominees will be distributed by campus email during the third Monday of May.

In order to challenge an individual’s eligibility, a staff member must submit a written challenge to the Election Committee Chair prior to the fourth Monday in May. The Election Committee Chair shall resolve the challenge with the Human Resources Office. At the close of business (5 p.m.) on the fourth Friday in May, the nomination list becomes final for the remainder of the election process.




Nominators and nominees must be from the same IPEDS group. Nominees must agree to accept the nomination for a two-year term. Completed Nomination Forms must be emailed to or faxed to the Staff Council Election Committee Chair no later than the close of business on the third Monday in June. Email and fax records will serve as proof that the forms are submitted before the deadline. For emailed Nomination Forms to be valid, they must have been sent by the nominator to the nominee for acceptance. The nominee must forward the email to to accept the nomination.

Receipt of Nomination Forms will be verified by two (2) members of the Election Committee.

Emailed Nomination Forms will be verified by their originating email addresses. Both address headers must be in the email received by the Election Committee for the nomination to be valid. Faxed Nomination Forms will be verified by the nominator’s and nominee’s printed names and signatures. No Nomination Forms will be accepted after the deadline.

No exceptions to the nomination deadline will be made.

The Election Committee Chair will submit the list of nominees to the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) for input into the online voting system.



 DoIT will open online voting on June 10, 2013. Online voting will be for two weeks. The Election Committee will email a web link to the voting site to eligible staff when online voting opens. Staff must log on to the voting site with their SPSU login information to vote. The online voting system will restrict voters to voting only within their own IPEDS group. Once staff members submit their votes, those votes are final and those staff members will be unable to log back onto the voting system.


Counting Votes

On Tuesday following the close of voting, DoIT will provide the Election Committee with tabulated results of the election. The Election Committee and at least one (1) other person who is either a past Staff Council Chair or a current Staff Council Advisor will review the tabulated results to determine the winners. The designated Chair/Advisor will submit the results to the current Staff Council Chair.

Run-off Elections


If winners cannot be determined because two or more staff members from the same IPEDS category receive the same number of votes, there will be a run-off election. Any run-off elections necessary will be held no later than the first week of July. Run-off elections will be conducted online in the same manner as the original election.


Election Results


The Staff Council Chair will distribute election results to the campus via email and other campus communications. Vote tallies will be kept by the Election Committee Chair until the last working day of August and will be available for inspection. The electronic records will be kept by IT until that date.


Challenges to the Election Results

Any staff member who is nominated for a particular IPEDS category and whose name appears on the ballot for the corresponding IPEDS category may request a re-count of the ballots made online for that category. Such a request must be made in writing (email is considered a written request) to the Election Committee Chair within twenty-four (24) hours from the time that the election results are announced by the Staff Council Chair. Members of the Election Committee in consultation with the Staff Council Chair and the Staff Council Advisors will appoint an individual or individuals who is/are independent of the IPEDS category that has sustained a challenge to review the ballots for that category with DoIT.

The date, time, and place of the review will be announced at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Members of the Election Committee, Staff Council member’s and Advisors, and nominees for election to Staff Council may be present when the ballots are re-counted. The results of the review will be announced to the attendees by the Staff Council Chair, at which point the issue will be brought to closure.


Term of Service


Elected members will serve two-year terms beginning on July 1.


Key Dates for Election Process


May 1, 2013                 Request list from Human Resources


May 20, 2013               Nomination Forms sent out to campus


May 31, 2013               Nomination Forms due back to Election Committee


June 3, 2013                Submit nominee list to IT for online elections.


June 10, 2013              Online elections open


June 27, 2013              Online elections close


July 1, 2013                 Get election results from IT.


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