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As a student in teacher education and as professional science teachers and mathematics teachers, you’ll want to know about these resources:
Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA)
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)
 NASA Science NEWS


What is SPSUTeach?

Composite of SPSUTeach StudentsSPSUTeach is a replication of the nationally-recognized UTeach Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Southern Polytechnic State University is the only Polytechnic to replicate this program. The UTeach program has a reputation for producing high quality high school science and math teachers.

What makes UTeach different from other teacher education programs?

UTeach is different from other programs in three ways: content area instruction, field experience and mentorship. First, in the UTeach program the emphasis is on producing teachers who are masters of their content. The degree you receive is a Bachelor’s degree in your specific area: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

Second, in a traditional teacher education program your field experiences (experiences in the classroom) occur at the end of the program. In the UTeach program, field experiences occur from the first course. You have the opportunity to try teaching before you have committed to the program. The field experiences occur often in the program as well. You will have a field experience in every semester of your course work. This will give you a broad base of experience before you take Teacher Apprenticeship (student teaching).

Third, the UTeach program emphasizes mentorship. An SPSUTeach student will have a Master Teacher that follows their progress from the first course through graduation and beyond. The Master Teacher will continue to contact graduates for 5 years following graduation to encourage and help them as they develop into exceptional teachers. Classroom teachers in elementary, middle and high school also serve as mentors throughout the coursework.