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As a student in teacher education and as professional science teachers and mathematics teachers, you’ll want to know about these resources:
Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA)
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)
 NASA Science NEWS


Prospective Students

Why try SPSUTeach?

Think about what you will learn


One Degree, Two Career Paths Makes Sense! With SPSUTeach, you get a real degree in Math, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and two career paths. The first class (STEP 1) offers students who make “B” or better a $175 Merit Award - that essentially means the class is free. No further commitment beyond the first class is required.

OK. So What Can I Get From SPSUTeach
if I Don't Become A Teacher?


Where can SPSUTeach get you? Maybe medical school. Admissions officials value student with UTeach experience. If you understand how to teach others, you’re a better learner yourself. As a third-year resident teaching first-year residents, you’ll be better at it with SPSUTeach experience. And SPSUTeach can get you further. Employers value employees as project leaders and managers who can identify colleague’s learning styles and instinctively know how to best communicate concepts that will increase productivity. With SPSUTeach under your belt, you’ll be a creative problem solver in th classroom, in your cubicle, or out in the field.

I’m a Serious Science and Math Major - Teaching Is Not For Me


This is addition, not subtraction. You pursue a real Bachelor Degree in math or science and you’ll learn the most innovative and hand-on ways of teaching science and math. Maybe you’ll benefit from it. Maybe others will. Maybe both.

Odds are you’ll either change your major once, twice or end up doing something entirely different than the degree you earned once you graduate. Why not explore a little? In the first weeks of the introductory Step 1 course, you will teach a demonstration lesson to real students. By the end, you will teach two more demonstration lessons to students. If you love it, great you now have two options instead of one. If you didn’t love it, but made a “B” or better, you receive a $175 Merit Award, and the one-hour class was essentially free.

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