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SPSUTeach Steering Committee

SPSUTeach is governed by two Co-Directors, one representing the Education program and one representing the School of Arts and Sciences. They work in consultation with the program’s Master Teachers and a Steering Committee, whose membership includes representatives from Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, at least one Master Teacher, and one SPSUTeach student. It creates, assesses, and modifies SPSUTeach courses and academic programs, and may undertake other projects.

The Steering Committee meets approximately monthly, or as needed. One of the Co-Directors presides over meetings.

  • The Steering Committee maintains the formal structure for oversight of the SPSUTeach program.
  • The Steering Committee may appoint standing or ad hoc committees to carry out part of its work.
  • The Steering Committee serves the role of approving proposed changes to the SPSUTeach curriculum and courses.
  • The Steering Committee works to enhance the program, and its role is not limited to administration.