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Program Head


Program Head

The program head is the faculty member responsible for daily operation of the program as well as long-term oversight of planning, scheduling, and curriculum development.  The Program Head shall be responsible to the Dean of Arts and Sciences for the oversight and dispersal of all budget funds allocated to them and for oversight of budget funds allocated to the Education Program.  The Program Head serves as a co-director of the SPSUTeach program.

Essential Functions

  1. Prepare and submit documentation to attain accreditation for the new program
  2. Oversee the assessment and accreditation process.

  3. Oversee the development of new curricula and ensure that curricula remains current and complies with accreditation standards
  4. Preparing class schedules for the dean's review
  5. Develop and manage the education program budget
  6. Advising new and continuing students
  7. Performing tasks related to student admissions, transfer, and graduation
  8. Responding to student appeals/complaints in accordance with P&Ps
  9. Supervising and evaluating all program staff
  10. Holding regular office hours
  11. Recruit, supervise, and mentor full and part-time faculty
  12. Overseeing physical facilities and web sites
  13. Measure the outcomes of the program's educational processes to ensure the programs meet their objectives and the requirements of state and federal accrediting bodies.

  14. Maintain compliance with all accrediting policies

  15. Teaching a limited course load, as determined by the dean
  16. Other duties as assigned by the dean

Additional Responsibilities

  1. Gathering data and preparing detailed documents
  2. Representing the programs and SPSU off campus
  3. Handling budget-related tasks, as directed by dean
  4. Providing advice and counsel to the dean on faculty performance
  5. Overseeing faculty coordinators in the program
  6. Performing other duties as assigned by the administration
  7. Serving on or chairing committees, as appropriate