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Social and Community Building Committee

SPSU Social and Community Building Committee
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
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Jennifer Louten, Chair

SCBC Membership Policies

History & Purpose

The Social and Community Building Committee (SCBC) was founded as a result of the SPSU IBM Quality Grant to promote community among SPSU Faculty and Staff.  Throughout the past twenty-plus years, the SCBC has initiated, organized and sponsored a variety of community building activities.  The SCBC continues to promote community at SPSU and, as a result, sponsors several activities during each academic year.

Sponsored Activities

  1. Soup Cook-Off
  2. Holiday Luncheon w/ Stuff-A-Bus charity food & toy drive
  3. Chili Cook-Off
  4. Facilities Staff Appreciation Day
  5. Administrative Professionals' Day
  6. Door Decorating Contest
  7. Employee Picnic


The SCBC is a working volunteer committee.  Membership is open to any full-time SPSU Faculty or Staff member.  Because membership is limited to no more than twenty-five (25), the committee depends on volunteers who actively give of their time and energy in the development, planning, and execution of sponsored activities.  Members are required to attend at least seven (07) of eleven (11) monthly meetings each academic year; be actively involved in the planning and execution of the Holiday Luncheon and the Employee Picnic; and also actively assist in at least two (02) additional sponsored activities.

Excused absences may consist of illness, on or off campus related business, death in family, family emergencies, or vacation (annual leave), and classes.

Members may serve on the committee without consideration of term limitations.  However, continued membership will be denied by the SCBC if, in an annual review, held at the June meeting, an individual is not actively involved per the guidelines noted above.

Member Selection

New members may be invited to join the SCBC once their nomination is approved by the existing members.  SCBC members may seek out potential members or individuals may seek membership directly by contacting an SCBC member and obtaining that individual’s sponsorship.  In either case, new members will be accepted only if there is an available seat on the SCBC, and the potential member agrees to the expectations for membership.


Leadership for the SCBC includes a Chairperson and a Secretary/Treasurer.  The SCBC will vote each year during the June meeting for individuals to fill these two (02) positions for the next academic year.  No term limits will apply.

The Chairperson will call meetings, Chair meetings, and represent the SCBC to the greater SPSU community and administration.  The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain meeting minutes, membership roles, record attendance activities, give the Treasurer’s report at each meeting, and send out meeting reminder notices.

The Chairperson, in conjunction with the Secretary/Treasurer, will provide a timely notice to any member who is asked to leave the SCBC.