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Chili Cook-Off

 Chili Cook-Off - Steve Kitchen, Ron Koger, Kit Trensch

In honor of the late Dr. Tony Tillman, Dean of Engineering Technology at SPSU, employees compete to cook the best chili of the year. The campus is invited to come try several of the entries to judge for themselves. The best chili prize is a neon cactus sculpture, to be displayed in the winner’s office throughout the year. Entries are judged by a panel, and prizes are awarded. This event is hotly contested and a lot of fun.

The Chili Cook-off takes place during the month of February, when winter gets old and everyone is in the mood for something hot and tasty.

The first Tony Tillman Chili Cook-off was held 1997, to honor the longtime Engineering Technology Dean at SPSU, and founding member of the SCBC. As an outgrowth of the Tony Tillman Chili Cook-Off, the Soup Cook-off was begun to showcase the wonderful soup-making skills of our faculty & staff.