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Southern Poly Visits Middle School in Gulf Shores, AL to Speak on Character

November 28, 2011

Orange Beach, AL

Picture of Champions of Character Soccer players with middle school students

The Hornets were invited to give a presentation on Champions of Character at Gulf Shores Middle School while in Orange Beach for their National Tournament games. In front of various classes of middle school students, the Southern Poly players defined Champions of Character, and gave examples of what the 5 values meant to them given their time on and off the pitch here at Southern Poly.

The Champions of Character 5 Values:

Integrity – Positive internal traits that guide behavior.

Respect – Treating others the way you want to be treated.

Responsibility – The social force that binds the individual to the good of the team.

Sportsmanship – Following the rules, spirit and etiquette of athletic competition.

Servant Leadership – Serving the greater good.


Sean Grisham, Southern Poly’s Champion of Character, opened the presentation for the children. Throughout his career, Grisham has displayed a strong sense of each of the 5 values making him the hornet’s Champion.

After the presentation, the Southern Poly men introduced themselves individually and received some surprised faces from the middle schoolers. Not man teams in the nation can boast a roster as culturally diverse as the Southern Poly Hornets.

Now that the presentation was done, it was time to get the students up and teach them a few things about the game. The Hornets set up a number of passing, shooting, and juggling stations giving the middle schoolers a chance to get to know the players better and learn some of the finer points of soccer.

After the presentation, there was time for a few quick photos, goodbyes, and wishes of luck from the students.










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