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Political Science Program

There is a growing need for graduates in political science. The acquisition of methodological skills, coupled with an understanding of the political process at local, state, national and international levels, allows for employment in a variety of public and private venues where research techniques are highly prized. As well, the communication, analysis, and critical reasoning skills that our graduates obtain place them well in a competitive job market, where continual learning is essential and interpersonal and cross-cultural competencies are greatly needed.

While there are other political science programs offered in Georgia, SPSU’s program will be unique in several respects:

  • The SPSU program is highly quantitative in focus, offering students three additional quantitative courses in political science research methods and analysis beyond the norm required in other political science programs.
  • The SPSU program offers students various inter-disciplinary course options through its Directed International Electives module.
  • The SPSU program further establishes a strong international focus by encouraging students to become proficient in a second language.

Students who complete the program have the knowledge, skills, and real-world context to be productive and flexible in a rapidly changing workplace. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in political science find positions as committee staffers, budget analysts, communications consultants, research/policy analysts, corporate public affairs advisors, foreign service officers, writers/authors/political commentators, journalists, foundation staffers, lobbyists, marketing analysts, or public opinion analysts. Additionally, SPSU’s program’s training in the development of research, critical thinking, and communication skills will open opportunities in for-profit/non-profit business settings, international and U.S.-based non-governmental organizations and foundations. Graduates of SPSU’s BS in Political Science will be more than qualified to take advantage of the local, regional, national, and international employment opportunities offered by metro Atlanta and the State of Georgia, as well as to pursue post-baccalaureate educational opportunities in either political science or the field of law.

Curriculum for the Political Science Majoreffective Fall 2013

Curriculum for the Political Science Minoreffective Fall 2013

For more information, directly by phone: 678-915-7442 or email or Contact the International Studies Program Coordinator,
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